Lüscher Color System Training

Colour is the mother tongue of the unconscious mind. The Lüscher Color system works with this language. It enables us to identify our false self-image - that which creates separation, dissatisfaction and dis-ease, and identify our true self image - the principal generator of a peaceful, healthy life.

On the Lüscher training course, you'll learn how to do Lüscher Color tests on yourself and with clients to reveal hidden truths quickly. This reveals what needs to change to release our false self image, and how to get in touch with our true selves.

The course is taught by Dr Kwesi Anan Odum, certified Lüscher Trainer, META-Health Master Trainer and eye doctor.

Your Trainer - Dr Kwesi Anan Odum

kwesi-conference-446wThe course is taught by Dr Kwesi Anan Odum, certified Lüscher Color System Trainer, META-Health Master Trainer and medical doctor specialising in opthalmology.

Dr Kwesi is the creator of META-Vision and a world-leading authority in understanding the mental and emotional causes of eye conditions. He is actively involved in researching and integrating different approaches to health and personal development, and is a member of the Lüscher Task Force for Lüscher Color Trainings worldwide.

Dr Kwesi brings together a wealth of understanding from various fields, including META-Health, modern medicine, the Lüscher Color System, the Kabbalah, Human Design, Penta Design, Astromedicine and numerology, to give you a deep understanding of human nature and ourselves.

He is a knowledgeable and approachable trainer who will inspire you to see your true self. His courses are both relaxed and richly informative, and all in English.

Lüscher Color Course Details

Lüscher Color Training

This course is open to all and will enable you to use the Lüscher Color System professionally.


Lüscher Foundation Training: the next course will be late 2017/early 2018. To register your interest or if you have any queries please email us.

Lüscher Advanced Training: To register your interest or if you have any queries please email us.

There will also be two webinars in between the Foundation and Advanced Training Courses.

Both modules need to be completed for certification

Times: 9.30am - 6.30pm each day except Sunday, when there will be an earlier finish time

Venue: The St John's Hotel, 651 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 1AT, United Kingdom

Course fees: 

Lüscher Foundation Training: £650

Lüscher Advanced Training: £650

Course materials: These are centrally produced and distributed by Lüscher International, cost an additional €185 and will be ordered by the Trainer. These will need to ordered and paid for at least 1 month in advance of the Foundation course, so please book early.

Certification fee: On the Advanced Training there will be an additional cost of €60 for certification.

Please note that the course fees are determined by Lüscher Color Training internationally. While the course fees have been increased for 2017, we have committed to maintaining the 2016 prices for the two courses in January and March 2017 as listed above.

How to book: Places are limited, so book early to secure your place.

Pay by PayPal using the link below, or alternatively, contact us to pay direct or by cheque: email info@metahealthacademy.com or call us on 0845 838 6787

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