What is Lüscher Color System?

  • Why do we prefer certain colours?
  • What does this reveal about our emotional state?
  • What are we compensating for through the colours we wear?
  • How can understanding colour help us to heal?

Colour is the mother tongue of the unconscious mind. The Lüscher Color system works with this language. It enables us to identify our false self-image - that which creates separation, dissatisfaction and dis-ease, and identify our true self image - the principal generator of a peaceful, healthy life.


Our Hidden Language

How we see ourselves is the principal source of our bodily, mental, emotional and social reactions. Our self image determines whether we feel peaceful, stressed or traumatised by our experiences. It affects how we communicate with others and our environment.

We have two self images. One false and one true. This is the meaning of individuality: indivisible duality.

The false self image, the fixed egocentric self image, makes us ill, is the real culprit of dis-ease and separates us from others.

The true self image is the chief healer and the principal generator of a peaceful, healthy life filled with joy and happiness and connects us with our social environment and nature.

With the help of colours, the false self image that you hold of yourself becomes visible and the true self image can be identified.

The Lüscher Color Test enables this hidden communication to be realised quickly, easily and accurately.

You can expect to get these 5 benefits from the Luscher Color Training:

  • Colours visualise emotions. Get an understanding of the emotions hidden behind your behaviour, dis-ease and actions by learning the language of colour
  • By translating the language of colour into language, you get to see your false self image
  • Gather the lasting benefits of releasing these negative emotions that have been held in the body. Feel the relief of letting go the false self image
  • See your true self by understanding and using the language of the true self and experience the joy, happiness and wonder of meeting your true self and identifying with it
  • Gain tools to enable you to deepen your relationship with your true self

Your Trainer - Dr Kwesi Anan Odum

kwesi-conference-446wThe course is taught by Dr Kwesi Anan Odum, certified Lüscher Color System Trainer, META-Health Master Trainer and medical doctor specialising in opthalmology.

Dr Kwesi is the creator of META-Vision and a world-leading authority in understanding the mental and emotional causes of eye conditions. He is actively involved in researching and integrating different approaches to health and personal development, and is a member of the Lüscher Task Force for Lüscher Color Trainings worldwide.

Dr Kwesi brings together a wealth of understanding from various fields, including META-Health, modern medicine, the Lüscher Color System, the Kabbalah, Human Design, Penta Design, Astromedicine and numerology, to give you a deep understanding of human nature and ourselves.

He is a knowledgeable and approachable trainer who will inspire you to see your true self. His courses are both relaxed and richly informative, and all in English.

Watch Dr Kwesi's Introduction to The Language of Colour

Professor Max Lüscher and the Lüscher Color System

The Lüscher Color System has a history of over 60 years: its creator Max Lüscher wrote his highly-praised dissertation on ‘Color as a diagnostic tool in psychology’ in 1949. Even at that early point, his main interest was focused not on the test, and not on the colours, but on the primary goal of understanding the structure of the human psyche.

Unlike many others, he recognized that while the sensory perception of colour is objective and universally shared by all, our colour preferences are subjective. This distinction allows subjective states to be objectively measured by using test colours.

A system of logically defined categories from regulation psychology serves as the basis for the Lüscher Color Diagnostics. This makes it a totally integrated system, enabling the establishment of a therapeutic strategy logically derived from the objectively structured diagnosis.

In recent decades, Professor Lüscher has expanded his regulation psychology beyond colour into applications in other emotional areas including emotional symbols, such as in dreams; body movements: postures and gestural mouth functions; temporal concepts; ideologies; and graphic design, architecture, and advertising. In 1990, Lüscher discovered a way of pairing up homeopathic medicines with colour preferences.

Lüscher Color Diagnostics are taught in seven languages, and the system is used at universities throughout the world.

META-Health and the Lüscher Color System

Dr Kwesi brings together an understanding of the Lüscher Color System with META-Health to provide a simple and deep insight into the nature of health issues.

For example, META-Health reveals that eczema and neurodermatitis are caused by a loss of contact conflict. A person with these symptoms wants to connect. In the Lüscher Color System, blue is the colour of belonging, which is what the person is seeking. As they don't want to be alone, they would reject yellow, the colour of inner freedom.

The solution to this issue lies in the other two colours, red and green. Red is the colour of self-confidence and action. Green is the colour of self-esteem and self-determination. Red and green together represent responsibility. So the solution for an individual with eczema is to accept that they can't always be connected and increase their self-responsibility.

On the Lüscher Color Training, you will learn how to work out these meanings and solutions for different issues. You’ll also deepen this understanding with knowledge of the logical categories, including space, time and communication.

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