Dr Kwesi Anan Odum: Biography

Medical Doctor, Specialist in Ophthalmology, META-Vision Creator, META-Health Master Trainer, 64keys Expert, GeniusReport Coach, Colour Psychology Master Trainer

About Me

I was born October 1965 in Heidelberg, Germany, and am the father of one daughter and one son. I am a Medical Doctor, specialist in Ophthalmology. I received my medical degree from the University of Kiel, Germany, in 1991. I am also a META-Health Master Trainer, 64keys Expert GeniusReport Coach (both of which are based on Human Design) and Colour Psychology Master Trainer.

With my interdisciplinary background my passion is to assist individuals to reconnect with the power within themselves so they create a joyful and healthy life.

I work as an interactive, solution-focused medical consultant and coach. My work goes beyond Ophthalmology and is enriched with the analytic and the intuitive, humour and patience. I use the eyes as a bridge to enable clients to find out how they see themselves, to find out who they are.

This coaching approach is to provide assistance and practical feedback so clients experience how they think, feel and act and are thus able to effectively address personal life challenges. The combination of modern science and complementary methodologies and techniques offers a individualised approach tailored to each client. With joy, compassion, comprehension and provocation, I assist clients identifying their talents, letting go resistance, build on their strengths and attain the individual growth they are committed to accomplishing.


My Workshops and Consultations

I conduct workshops and seminars worldwide, and offer online consultations and webinars. Private consultations are also available in Solihull, near Birmingham, United Kingdom.

To find out about my courses with the META-Health Academy, visit the webpages:

  • META-Vision: META-Health and the Eyes - Find out why we get eye problems and eyesight issues such as short- and long-sightedness. On this unique, interactive and informative course, you'll gain a mind-body-social awareness of our vision, eye health issues and refractive errors
  • Colour Psychology - Discover the language of the unconscious mind through a simple and profound colour analysis and find solutions to your hidden blocks
  • 64keys - Realise who you were meant to be! 64keys reveals our innate gifts, abilities and qualities as shown through your unique birth chart. On this course, you'll gain profound insights into why you are the way you are, what latent talents you have, and how to overcome your inner barriers

To find out more about my consultations and to book a slot, visit my booking site: http://meetme.so/drkwesi. You can book both free 30-minute orientation sessions and more in-depth consultations.

If you are interested in hosting a course or workshop with me, please book one of my free 30 minute orientation slots on http://meetme.so/drkwesi 

Dr Kwesi's experience and qualifications include:

CEO of IMMA (Intl. META-Medicine Association)

Medical Doctor (University of Kiel)

Specialist in Ophthalmology

Certified META-Health Master Trainer (IMMA)

Colour Psychology Trainer

64keys Expert and GeniusReport Coach

NLP Practitioner

Landmark Graduate