META-Health Professional Training and Certification Programmes

Find out more about our META-Health training courses.  If you're new to META-Health, it is recommended that you book a place on our Introductory Evening Talk to get your first insight into the concepts and science and methdologies that compose both the META-Health coceptual framework and the mdin-body diagnostic, META-Health coaching and therapeutic applications.

Our Senior META-Health Master Trainers and Developers

Senior Master Trainers Robert Waghmare, Joanne Ross, Dr Kwesi Anan Odum and Tremayne Reiss have nearly 40 years combined training and developer experience.  This means our Trainers have more experience and developments in training, applying and developing META-Health Mind-body diagnostic Coaching and Therapeutic skills and training Health and personal developmnet professionals than any other institution in the world.

What does this mean for you, well it means that if you choose to train with us you'll be learning the most uptodate information and developing the most advanced skillsets and be facilitated by the most expereinced and innovative leaders in the field of META-Health.  Jump on to one of our foundation programmes we gurantee you won't be dissapointed

All our programmes are externally accredited

All our META-Health training programmes are externally accredited to meet agreed upon professional standards by the International META-Medicine Association.  Our Master Trainers are META-Health developers and are actively involved with the ongoing develpment of models, materials, methodologies, skills and standards being delivered all over the world.  So if you want to train with some the leaders in the field look no further than the META-Health Academy.