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META-Kinetics Professional Training

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of mind-body medicine and healing? Are you a consciousness explorer? Would you like to gain answers directly from the body-field? Are you keen to go beyond risk factors and explore the unconscious causes of our health challenges?

META-Kinetics is an exciting development in META-Health and mind-body medicine. It synthesises two powerful disciplines: Cyberkinetics, an advanced form of Kinesiology, and META-Health, a comprehensive mind-body-social system of health understanding.

If you’re a therapist, personal development/Life coach, energy worker or health professional in complementary, alternative or modern medicine, META-Kinetics will give you a fully integrative framework and advanced methodology for working with clients.

If you’re a META-Health Professional, it will bring your knowledge and understanding to life! It takes away the guesswork of linguistic enquiry and reveals the answers from the body-mind.

META-Kinetics will also support you if you’re on your own healing and personal development journey, bringing awareness into the deeper aspects of your own issues, and is an effective approach for helping family and friends.

A Quantum Leap For META-Health

META-Kinetics Testimonials

‘META-Kinetics is simply powerful and amazing! It bypasses the conscious mind - eliminates linguistic biases and misunderstandings between coach and client. You can investigate and ask the body EVERYTHING!

META-Kinetics is a very powerful tool that can be used in many aspects of META-Health Analysis and therapy and it allows you to be very creative. The practical aspects are very good and useful, not only for learning but also for working on our own stuff!’

Gaetana Tonti PhD Genetics, Biologist and META-Health Trainer, Italy & UK

‘I like the style of META-Kinetics which communicates with the client’s body and reveals the issues, and the modality diagnosis which can access deeper issues of the client’

Miho Nonami, MD and META-Health Trainer, Japan

‘The brilliance of this approach was its accuracy in revealing personal information that can be buried in the sub-conscious with what appears to be minimum effort and time. I was not aware that I had a fear of loneliness when tested for the heart and was confirmed when my heart started beating in a significantly different way literally straight after the session. Accuracy and speed of diagnosis is very impressive’

Dr Anne Harris, Doctoral Researcher, UK

‘I like that the process is simple but can find complex/hidden issues far quicker than by other methods – some immediate feedback. I’m already using it on friends and family to improve their quality of life and I can only see this improving and going wider than this circle as interest is huge!

From using this tool with Rob in our sessions, I cannot imagine we would have identified a huge proportion of the issues that we have without META-Kinetics – I think it is the only way forwards in terms of enquiry!’

Sara Powell, Insurance Broker, UK

By learning META-Kinetics, you will be able to:

  • Use Advanced Kinesiology (muscle testing)
  • Communicate directly with the body-field through muscle testing
  • Uncover the hidden unconscious causes of your own and clients’ problems
  • Work preventatively by addressing mental and emotional patterns before they manifest as physical symptoms
  • Reduce stress and correct the bio-energy field so clients feel more energised and balanced after your sessions
  • Apply your therapies and approaches much more precisely by asking the body exactly what will bring the greatest benefit

META-Kinetics Developers and Trainers

MK2_RJT_1META-Kinetics is taught by the creators, Robert Waghmare, Tremayne Reiss and Joanne Ross. META-Kinetics was founded by Tremayne Reiss and the late Alan Sales, creator of Cyberkinetics. They realised that synthesising the methodology of Cyberkinetics with the knowledge base of META-Health would provide an unparalleled approach to mind-body enquiry. Robert and Joanne are the UK’s only Senior Master Trainers in META-Health and leading developers in the field.

Robert, Joanne and Tremayne have been training META-Kinetics since 2010. They each bring unique qualities to their courses, with Robert's deep understanding, Tremayne's mastery of Kinesiology and Joanne's ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable 'chunks'. Together they ensure that their courses are enjoyable, inspiring and transformational! Robert, Joanne and Tremayne are continually innovating and evolving their understanding through this incredible system of mind-body-social enquiry - and passionate about sharing this with their trainees!