Introductory Talk

The META-Health Introductory Talk is a prerequisite to attending this talk

Are you seeking a deeper more comprehensive understanding of health and disease, mind-body healing, personal growth and/or spiritual development?

META-Kinetics provides a radical advancement in META-Health and mind-body enquiry. It synthesises two powerful fields: Cyberkinetics, an advanced form of Kinesiology, and META-Health, a comprehensive mind-body-social system of health understanding.

META-Kinetics is of particular interest to Holistic health practitioners, personal development professionals, Life coaches and therapists of all disciplines, at last providing an accurate integrative methodology for working with clients.

Are you keen to go beyond risk factors and find the unconscious causes of health challenges and or barriers to growth and development?

Testimonials for META-Kinetics Practitioner Training

I was amazed that we could get so far this first time as to go home and really do the scans and believe that what we sense/get from the body can be trusted, even when I do it! It is just fantastic, so thorough, you know things so deeply, and it makes so much sense.

Gitte Retbøll, MD, Private Practice in Child Psychiatry

The knowledge, passion and enthusiasm of Jo, Rob and Tremayne are infectious and so inspiring. The content is so powerful it blows my mind! It helps to cement the META-Health knowledge I have, and it’s great to interact with fellow students and have health scans done on each other. You also look after us really well!

Roni Flatley, META-Health Coach and Trainer

Lovely trainers and fellow students, and high quality tuition and support. It’s lovely to have 3 trainers there to help us, and I was very happy to have lots of practice time. High quality information is available from this system that it’s sometimes difficult or impossible to obtain in other ways.

Karen Williams, Therapist

Who is your Speaker/Trainer?

Robert Sefton Jai Waghmare  -  MD META-Health Academy Ltd
IMMA - Board Member

Robert has spent nearly 20 years studying and mastering many disciplines in field of self healing and personal development.  He is one of the World's leading developers in META-Health and has been training META-Health for over a decade.  Robert recently received a Golden Star Wellness award in Mumbai, India at a televised event for his contributions in the field of health and wellbeing.

In the late 90's during a post graduate course in systems research, Robert began to develop a deep interest in the relationships between health, stress, emotions and human behaviour leading to deep interest in consciousness which has lead him down a totally different path to many and eventually to a leading innovator, trainer and practitioner in the field of Mind body Medicine and META-Health.  With a volume of deep self healing experience a range therapeutic qualifications and experiences.  Robert has a unique understanding of self healing and therefore numerous insights and experiences he loves to share.


Is the META-Kinetics Introductory Talk for you?

  • Do you have specific interest in self healing, mind-body medicine or personal development
  • Are you a Holistic Health, Complementary, Alternative Medicine Practitioner or Energetic Worker
  • Are you Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Psychologist or Psychiatrist
  • Are you Doctor or another medical professional who is interested in going beyond symptom treatment
  • Are you a Life Coach or Personal development professionals who recognises the need to go deeper
  • Are you a researcher Alternative medicine, Mind-body Medicine or Self healing science

Why attend the META-Kinetics Introductory talk?

  • Are you seeking a deeper understanding of Mind-body relationships.
  • Are you keen to uncover the unconscious causes of symptoms?
  • Would you like to gain answers directly from the body-field?
  • Would you benefit from identifying your own or clients’ hidden stressors, emotions and beliefs?
  • Are you keen to help yourself and others release stress and regain balance?

META-Kinetics provides its practitioners with an advanced integrative framework and methodology for working with clients to obtain deeper faster and more precise results than is possible through existing modalities

META-Kinetics also allows its Practitioner to detail and scope the amount of work required to assist clients to overcome specific barriers and achieve goals. So can be very helpful in the intial stages of consulting and contracting with clients.

It is an essential step for those committed to learning META-Health and developing deeper mind-body understanding.

It takes away the guesswork of linguistic enquiry and reveals the answers directly from the body-mind (bio-energy-field). It brings your META-Health knowledge and understanding to life!

META-Kinetics provides its practitioners practical skills to work with the knowledge and understanding of META-Health, so attendance of the META-Health Introductory talk  is a pre-requisite for META-Kinetics Introductory Talk


Course dates

What are the benefits of attending the META-Kinetics Intro Talk?

On this experiential and transformational Talk, you'll:

  • See how you can bypass interference and communicate directly with the body’s intelligence
  • See Robert quickly and precisely access and release blocked information from the body field
  • Watch the TLC methodology in action for enquiry, stress release and energetic balancing
  • See META-Kinetics a Root-Cause enquiry to pinpoint a specific cause of clients’ issues
  • See Robert working with people facilitating audience members raise awareness and shift
  • See how META-Kinetics methodology allows Practitioners to include and transcend other modalities

META-Kinetics Talk Details

Join the quantum shift in META-Health, the first step is the META-Kinetics Practitioner Talk!

Course dates

Talk Fees

£10 per person or £15 for 2


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