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Enliven, Enlighten and Enjoy! Ten Ideas for an Inspiring Spring

With an understanding of the Two Phases of health – stress and regeneration – META-Health helps us to tune into our natural rhythm of health and the cycles of nature. After the regeneration of winter, spring marks the beginning of the eu-stress (positive stress) phase. Throughout the natural world, it’s a time of increased growth, activity…

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Spring Activities to Get Inspired! 

Spring is the optimal time to get motivated, set goals and take action. From the Spring Equinox in mid-March, days become longer and warmer, nature reawakens and we emerge from our winter regeneration. In META-Health terms, it’s the beginning of the First Phase, which means more energy, greater mental clarity and get-up-and go! We can…

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How to Create a META-Therapy Plan

Like many of our readers, you may be familiar with the concepts of META-Health and the process of META-Health Analysis. Our Foundation and Practitioner level courses focus on these steps for an important reason: we need to understand the root cause before we attempt to resolve the problem! Once we’ve identified the cause of an…

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