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Enliven, Enlighten and Enjoy! Ten Ideas for an Inspiring Spring

With an understanding of the Two Phases of health – stress and regeneration – META-Health helps us to tune into our natural rhythm of health and the cycles of nature. After the regeneration of winter, spring marks the beginning of the eu-stress (positive stress) phase. Throughout the natural world, it’s a time of increased growth, activity…

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The Two Phases: Our Natural Rhythm of Health

Have you noticed that symptoms seem to worsen in the evening? Why do people get ill whenever they go on holiday? Why do we crave sugary foods when busy? The answers lie in the body’s innate intelligence and our natural cycles Balance or decline? Many ancient traditions contain wisdom about the flow of life and…

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Spring Activities to Get Inspired! 

Spring is the optimal time to get motivated, set goals and take action. From the Spring Equinox in mid-March, days become longer and warmer, nature reawakens and we emerge from our winter regeneration. In META-Health terms, it’s the beginning of the First Phase, which means more energy, greater mental clarity and get-up-and go! We can…

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