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  • META-Health Academy is a leader in the field of META Health. I highly recommend the META-Health Academy for any student or practitioner of healing arts. The quality of teaching and the clarity with which it is delivered is very high. I always leave the training with measurable results.
    Vera NovakBody Energy Coach at MyHealingHouse
      Vera Novak
  • I am so grateful for all the support and inspiration from the training. The Foundation to META Health and META Kinetics was a powerful awakening process and continues resolving issues that had previously held me back. Thank you so much Robert and Joanne for all your care, knowledge, expert healing ability and inspirational love. The training was a perfect combination of Heart, Body and Mind. I'm deeply grateful and honored to be trained by you.
    Dr Timothy Ryan
      Dr Timothy Ryan
  • The Foundation Weekend is mind blowing and it also a good foundation for becoming a Practitioner. Understanding the precise mind-body connection and emotional connection as part of the picture of health is a missing component in the current western model in my opinion. These Trainers have developed a complete model and they give a better understanding of the human brain-body connection than I've heard before.
    Francesca ZilleNutritionist
      Francesca Zille
  • I liked how the weekend delivered a mix of different learning styles. We had visual learning, practical demos, videos etc. I learnt how symptoms, conditions and dis-ease relate to the various parts of the bodies (brain, muscle, bones etc). I found it fascinating how the regeneration phase is actually healing our bodies contrary to my previous beliefs that it’s a sign of weakness. Watching a live Meta kinetics demo on one of the learners was mind blowing. I think this was the point when I realised the true power of Meta Health!
    Gurjit DhanjalNutritionist
      Gurjit Dhanjal
  • The group size wasn’t too large, which helped me to feel comfortable about opening up personally. The way Robert and Joanne structured the training meant it was delivered in a coherent and logical way, with plenty of time to ask questions along the way. One of the most valuable things I got from the training was the insight into my own health issues and I was fortunate enough to experience direct work with Robert and Joanne during the demo. Words cannot express the gratitude I felt at being able to release such intense emotions that were trapped within, and the fact that I was able to make sense of so many underlying patterns that have been holding me back; and all in such a short space of time! I found the entire 3 days completely fascinating and I am very enthusiastic about embarking on the Practitioner training.
    Linsey Todd
      Linsey Todd
  • Before attending this course, I was still a little skeptical about all the dis-ease come from the mind (i.e. flu) and was thinking what was the evidence? etc. Although still to prove is difficult, even in modern medicine its same (most disease’s cause are “unknown” )and I felt it is more important to listen/feel effects our body. In fact I was very impressed how the organ is mapped in the brain depends on development/germ layer. It was really good opportunity to overview and understand the principle of Meta-Health over 3 days, and actually to get the start opportunity to use Meta-Health to myself and my family/friends.  I tried working my own symptom vitiligo in my right elbow which I noticed last Spring. I was kind of knowing the reason as I had big private issue around beginning of January. During pair-practice with other course attendee, when she read the part “skin, epidermal” then, conflict associated with, “Brutal-separation”, all of sudden a big emotion wave like tsunami came to me and I could not stop burst into tears. Kindly Joanne stepped into the practice and giving me EFT session (+a little Matrix Reimprinting as well) and I could release my feelings.  2-3 days later, the actual skin colour has back to normal.  I was so surprised and even emotional by this fact.....I had been to a Dermatologist the previous March when I was in Japan and that Dr said “there's nothing we can do, steroid cream might be helpful...” after more than a year, within 2 of META-Health days this was cured.... I think everybody should learn and in particular medical professionals.
    Dr. Mariko MorConsultant Oncologist
      Dr. Mariko Mor

Meet The Trainers

Robert Waghmare

META-Health Innovator, Licensed META-Health Master Trainer, Master Health Coach, META-Kinetics Developer & Trainer and EFT Master Trainer

The creator of META-Health and the founder of the META-Health Academy, Robert is one of the worlds leading META-Health Coaches as well as a Master Trainer and developer of META-Health methodologies. He specialises in stress and anxiety release, helping people overcome complex health issues and reach their health, life, relationship and career goals.

Joanne Ross

Licensed META-Health Master Trainer, Master Health Coach, META-Kinetics Trainer and EFT Advanced Practitioner

Joanne is a Master Trainer in META-Health and META-Kinetics. As co-director of the META-Health Academy, she offers regular professional courses in META-Health, META-Kinetics and EFT alongside Robert Waghmare.

They have spoken at International META-Health Conferences in Germany, Egypt, Estonia and Denmark, and for organisations such as the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and Association for NLP in the UK.

Tremayne Reiss

Licensed META-Health Master Coach and META-Kinetics Trainer and Developer

After Tremayne qualified in 2005, he took his META-Health training in Switzerland, and shortly afterwards met Robert and Joanne in Heidleberg, Germany, while attending a Brain Relay Diagnostics Seminar with Dr Anton Bader.

He takes an integrative health coaching approach to working with his clients which increases vitality, shifts awareness and encourages the manifestation of their innate healing potential. This work led to a meeting with the late Alan Sales, a Master Kinesiologist and creator of Cyberkinetics, and it was with Alan that Tremayne first began to develop the system that is now META-Kinetics.

Dr Kwesi Anan Odum

Creator of META-Vision, META-Health Master Trainer, Colour Psychology Master Trainer and 64keys Expert

Dr Kwesi is the creator of META-Vision and a world-leading authority in understanding the mental and emotional causes of eye conditions.

He is an inspiring, warm and friendly medical doctor with a degree from the University of Kiel, specialist in Ophthalmology and psychosomatic medicine with 12 years private practice in Germany.

He is actively involved in researching and integrating different approaches to health and personal development.


Crowne Plaza Hotel, Solihull, UK

61 Homer Road, Solihull, XWM B91 3QD

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The META-Health Academy Limited was established by Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross in 2012 to formally incorporate the full-time META-Health coaching and training practice they started in 2007.


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