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Enliven, Enlighten and Enjoy! Ten Ideas for an Inspiring Spring

With an understanding of the Two Phases of health – stress and regeneration – META-Health helps us to tune into our natural rhythm of health and the cycles of nature. After the regeneration of winter, spring marks the beginning of the eu-stress (positive stress) phase. Throughout the natural world, it’s a time of increased growth, activity…

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Step into Spring: How to make the most of the new season

Spring is here! With the equinox on 20th March, daylight begins to overtake night. This seasonal changeover point usually brings us an increase in energy, motivation and activity, so here’s why and how to make the most of it! META-Health and the Spring Equinox The vernal equinox on or around March 20th each year heralds the…

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The Summer Solstice

The sun reaches its zenith and we experience the longest day of the year between 20th and 22nd June. It’s a time of great energy, momentum and action in the natural world, and an important turning point in nature’s calendar. How does it affect us, and how can we make the most of the opportunity…

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