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What happened at the 8th International META-Health Conference?

A personal and professional journey…

On 13th February, Robert Waghmare and Dr Kwesi from the META-Health Academy set off from Heathrow Airport for the 8th META-Health Conference, not knowing what to expect or even how many people had booked for the Conference. For Robert especially the adventure was destined to be deep, as he was visiting not only the country but also the region of his forefathers for the first time…

Jumping in at the deep end, they were invited to attend a televised awards ceremony on their first evening in Mumbai. Hosted by the ISHMA World Foundation, they and the other Master Trainers present were awarded for their Services to Humanity through META-Health.

The Conference begins…

Two days later, the Conference was on! While the main intention was to spread the META-Health message within the Indian community, there were an unexpected number of international delegates, from countries including Norway, South Africa and Canada. With speakers from Germany, UK, Japan, Egypt, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Canada and more, there was a truly international feel at a uniquely Indian conference!

The theme of the Conference on was a ‘Transforming Mindset for Self-Healing’, and included panel sessions as well as talks and demonstrations. Each of the four days focused on a specific aspect of transformation and healing:

  • Mind, Body and Soul Integration
  • New Health Developments
  • Sexual Health and Cancer Awareness
  • Mental Health Awareness

Alongside the META-Health speakers, the varied Conference programme included Indian doctors, homeopaths, meditation experts and even a couple of celebrities sharing their healing stories!

What most struck Robert was the camaraderie and community atmosphere – everyone’s openness, willingness to learn and desire to share created what he felt was the most friendly, welcoming and supportive atmosphere of all IMMA events so far. Those who have been to previous conferences will know what a big achievement this was!

Well done to Anu Mehta, India’s META-Health Master Trainer, for organising and hosting such a wonderful event, and to Dr Kwesi, who co-organised the Conference as part of his role as IMMA President.

Deeper transformation followed…

Yet it wasn’t over after the four day main event… there were then a series of inspiring post-conference workshops, which included:

  • Brain Relay Diagnostics with Dr Anton Bader (who we like to think of as the grandfather of META-Health)
  • META-Kinetics with Robert Waghmare
  • Astromedicine with Dr Kwesi
  • META-PEAT with Astrid Paulini
  • Sungazing Meditation with Abuna Semai

Then finally, some time off to enjoy India! Robert, Kwesi and three others travelled to Pune to the Osho Meditation Centre for a well-deserved rest, intertwined of course with some deep self-exploration and change work!

So how did Robert feel, being back in the city where his grandfather had lived? Hit by a wave of mixed emotions when he first arrived, he said he soon felt strangely at home with the energy, people and even the friendly chaos of this unique and special place… and enjoyed it so much that he may be back to share META-Kinetics and other developments in the near future!

If you’d like to find out more about and support the Conference:

See the official Conference website here

The International META-Medicine Association (IMMA) plan to release the Conference Recordings to the public in late summer 2017. If you’d like to support IMMA to be able to edit the raw material and prepare the videos, please see and support IMMA’s crowdfunding campaign here

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