The Top 10 Stressors and Regenerators

What puts you into stress? What helps you relax most deeply? It may not always be what’s most obvious! One of the most basic yet powerful self-help tools that META-Health provides is an understanding of the Two Phases of energy and health: sympathetic stress (Phase 1) and parasympathetic regeneration (Phase 2). Where we are, what…

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The Hidden Box of Desires

Last week, while exploring a client’s beliefs using META-Kinetics, we uncovered the belief ‘I’m devoted to eliminating my desires’. Our immediate response was ‘that sounds a bit strong’. My client didn’t particularly resonate with it – she’s a successful and vibrant young woman who enjoys her life and career. So we checked, and the muscle…

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – A META-Health Perspective

Autumn has arrived! It’s a season of beautiful colours, cool, crisp days and cosy nights! But for many people, this time of year brings feelings of gloom. As many as 20% of us are said to experience a measure of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Why is this the case? Lack of light… SAD is said…

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