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Enliven, Enlighten and Enjoy! Ten Ideas for an Inspiring Spring

With an understanding of the Two Phases of health – stress and regeneration – META-Health helps us to tune into our natural rhythm of health and the cycles of nature. After the regeneration of winter, spring marks the beginning of the eu-stress (positive stress) phase. Throughout the natural world, it’s a time of increased growth, activity…

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What are the Colours of Love?

By Dr Kwesi Anan Odum How well do you know your romantic self? What is your unconscious love type? Why do you get frustrated in love? The Colours of Love sheds light on the hidden answers to these often vexing questions! The 3 most common relationship concerns Romantic relationships are one of humanity’s biggest challenges.…

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META-Vision: The Secrets behind our Eyes

The best cameras in the world are our eyes. Vision is our dominant sense. Our sight is more than just how clearly we see: vision is the process of deriving meaning from what is seen. It is a complex, learned and developed set of functions that involve a multitude of skills. Research estimates that 80…

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