Going Beyond Therapy with META-Health Coaching

Are you looking to improve your therapeutic results, differentiate yourself from other therapists or offer an advanced comprehensive service to prospective clients?

Then adopting the principles of META-Health Coaching may just be the edge you’ve been searching for!

Why META-Health Coaching for Life Coaches, Therapists & Other Health professionals?

Many people working in the fields of coaching alternative, complimentary and modern health are becoming aware of the beyond symptom complexities involved behind their clients health challenges.

Here are some comments we hear regularly from holistic practitioners and other complementary and alternative therapists.

“Clients have unrealistic expectations they think you should solve their chronic health issue in one session for £50 when they have spent years and hundreds if not thousands of pounds on other therapies without a solution”.

Many therapists struggle to make a good living out of the work they love. We’ve noticed a trend amongst many participants on our courses is fears and confusion about how much to charge. This is often related to deep values conflicts about valuing themselves and limiting presupposition about clients coming first.

Fed up of treating symptoms, after years of working in holistic practice many practitioners start to become aware that there seems to be more to many health issues than the physical symptoms. In fact many of our trainees are already intuitively aware that there are specific mental and emotional stresses behind specific health issues. What they are pleasantly surprised by is the depth, precision and science offered by META-Health for educational, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes...

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About META Health Academy

The META-Health Academy Limited was established by Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross in 2012 to formally incorporate the full-time META-Health coaching and training practice they started in 2007.

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