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META-Health Consultations

Do you have a lot of questions that you need answering before booking on to one of our courses? If So please book a Suitability Consultation here.

Step 1: META-Health Awareness Consultations

A META-Health consultation will provide you with a unique interactive guided communication and basic META-Health Analysis with META-Health Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Master Trainer or Consultant/Developer.

If your totally new to META-Health this will include a mini introduction to the basic priniciples followed by a focussed conversation regarding a specific health concern or personal develpment challnge that you would like to gain a META-Perspective on.

You will gain an understanding of how your thoughts, feelings behaviours symptom patterns are all integrated and the specific social, work and self-related bio-psycho-social themes and patterns drive your stress responses

During this conversation we will discuss either a current mental, emotional or physical health issue for which you’d like to reach a META-perspective, or we can discuss your specific interest in META-Health and its applications in life and career.

You’ll get to explore the key problem in your life and gain a META-Perspective on what’s really going on, why it’s there.  You will also get a basic explanation of what steps you can take to resolve it.

This conversation will also involve a META exploration of a mental, emotional or physical health issue of your choice, giving you:

  • Understanding the specific thoughts, feelings and behaviours driving your health issue
  • Awareness of specific trigger situations, relationships and memories that may be contributing to the issue and the META-Meaning of his i.e. why those symptoms
  • An mini-action plan to help you determine the best way of resolving the issue

Please allow upto 90 mins for your session

The value offer varies according to certification, experience and skill level of practitioner

  • £195 = META-Health Consultant/Developer £150 (Typically 10 years + experience)

To book your consultation check the timetable below and select the most suitable time for you you and book.

Step 2: META-Health Discovery Session

Discover your goals in all areas of your life and uncover your hidden health barriers!

The META-Health Coaching Discovery Session is a unique, personally tailored service that involves an open and structured conversation regarding your thoughts and feelings (perceptions) about your goals, barriers and unconsciously physically related health issues and how they are impacting your life.

In this introductory session we will explore your current goals in life, current health (mental emotional and physical) challenges and discover what internal barriers are preventing you from achieving the life, relationships, health and career that you truly desire.

This process is highly personally self-reflexive and enables you to recover the hidden and often blocking (subconscious) thoughts and feelings contributing to creating barriers to progress in your health, life, career, relationships or personal development. As a result, this session will help you to identify some of the core self-limiting beliefs and identifications, emotions, memories (traumas) and internal conflicts that are preventing you from creating the progress, success, happiness and well being that you desire and that (with a little help) are capable of creating!

After this session is completed you will be provided with a written transcript (returned by email) capturing the most important aspects surfaced in the session which will provide you with a basis for deciding how to proceed with overcoming blockages and achieving your goals. Overall this session provides a platform or framework for furthering any META-Health coaching or any further therapeutic endavours.

META-Health Discovery Session

Average Duration: 3 – 3.5 hours

Location: In person, over the Phone, Zoom, Skype etc…

Price: £795

Step 3: META-Health Scan ®

META-Kinetics Health Scan is a revelation

Gain an overview of how stress is impacting your emotions, behaviour and your body, find out your number one priority (Modality) for healing, and release stress from at its source!

This session, we will take information gathered from the previous session and work with the feedback of your body fields wisdom ( work in more depth to discover the body field’s priorities for healing.

We will use META-Kinetics Kinsiology of consciousness to gather information such as your biggest unconscious stressors, associated memories, traumatic events and related health issues.  We will also start the process of uncovering the core beliefs, values motivations and behaviours involved with maintaining your symptoms.

This information can then be used to form the basis of a META-Health Coaching, Therapy plan and transformation work using other therapeutic methods.

Please be aware that this session may reveal unconscious information that you were previously unaware of.  The result of this can be cathartic (emotional) and result in great insights, expanded awareness and changes in thoughts feelings and behaviour and potentially physical symptoms of healing.

You will gain a precise understanding of which thoughts, feelings, behaviours, triggers and traumas are directly related to what symptom patterns and how these are integrated.  You will also find out what is the most improtant pattern (dis-ease programme) according to your bodys (body-field) own natural wisdom (intelligence)

During facilitated systemic enquiry we will scope the breadth and depth of your stress related mental emotional and physical health challenges and how interelate to with each another.

This facilitation will also involve a META-Kinetics Stress Load and Balance

  • META-Kinetics, Analogue stress loading, a unique physio-psycho-energetic method will help reduce the stress on the most important dis-ease programme, creating stress release, greater stress resilience and self-awareness for change
  • META-Kinetics Energtic correction . Will discharge the stress and create an active stress resolution which can assist you in the understanding and resolving a stressful situation.
  • An mini-action plan to help you determine the best way of resolving the issue

META-Health  Scan

Average Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Location: In person only

Price: £595

Step 4: META-Health Coaching and Therapy

Our META-Health Coaching and Therapy is a unique synthesis of many different sciences and disciplines including: coaching philosophy and skills, META-Health, EFT and energy psychology, NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming, META-Kinetics® Advanced Kinesiology and information from spiritual development disciplines. We will work together toward the release of specific blocked stressful thought patterns and emotions, and create and put in place successful strategies that enable you to experience greater freedom of thought, feelings and improved health.

Prior to the development of a coaching engagement you will be sent an information pack including a basic introduction to META-Health, Values questionnaire, Personal History questionnaire, and Coaching client interaction process model to assist your decision making process.

This pre-pack has been designed to help you orient and navigate your way through the initial parts of the META-Health coaching process easily and effortlessly. Once your have read through and completed and returned the relevant sections we can organise a mutually agreeable time for the META-Health Coaching sessions to begin.

Duration: META-Health Coaching programmes are usually between 3 and 12 months.

Duration and value is determined on an individual needs basis and depends on the scale, complexity and scope of current issues and therefore the amount of work required to create effective workable and sustainable health solutions

About META Health Academy

The META-Health Academy Limited was established by Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross in 2012 to formally incorporate the full-time META-Health coaching and training practice they started in 2007.

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