The META-Health Academy - About Us

Our Vision and Aims

The META-Health Academy's vision is to inspire personal transformation through advanced health awareness.

We train and certify people with diverse backgrounds and interests to develop exemplary professional skills in advanced approaches to bio-psycho-social Health Analysis, Coaching and Therapy.

We aim to provide the highest standards of training and equip our graduates with leading skills and capabilities in META-Health and beyond. We achieve this by going further than simply providing knowledge; we provide both methodology and skills transfer on our live and experiential courses. This not only gives our graduates the professional know-how, it often results in personal growth and development too!

We are continually innovating and evolving our work, which not only keeps us inspired, it also inspires our trainees to return and deepen their learning and empowers their ongoing personal and professional development.

What we offer

We are one of the longest-standing and most consistent META-Health training providers in the world, having offered a regular programme of courses since 2007. We offer META-Health Training at all levels, from introductory talks through Foundation, Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses to training Trainers and providing ongoing mentoring.

The META-Health Academy is the only organisation in the world to offer training in META-Kinetics, a system of advanced kinesiology which was developed by our trainers.

We are unique in our integration of META-Health with 64keys and Colour Psychology. We also train professionals in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), thus offering our trainees a unique and comprehensive package for both professional and personal development.

Alongside our talks and courses, we offer one-to-one consultations to clients. These range from introductory Awareness Consultations to full weekly coaching programmes, and each programme is tailored to the individual's needs.

Who we work with

Our courses and coaching programmes attract a wide variety of people from all personal and professional backgrounds.

Many of our graduates come from the fields of modern medicine, complementary and alternative therapy, personal development, coaching, counselling or psychology. Others come from professions as diverse as teaching, management, marketing, sports and the creative industries. We also attract and welcome those on a purely personal journey of healing and inner development.

What unites all of our community is the desire to go beyond everyday problems and access deeper wisdom, to gain a more empowering understanding of themselves and humanity, and a willingness to change and embrace their true selves.

A core guiding belief behind our work is that everybody has the innate wisdom to resolve their issues and achieve their desires. We see our clients as capable, resourceful people who want support in clarifying and achieving their goals and resolve their inner barriers.

Who we are and where we work

The META-Health Academy Limited was established by Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross in 2012 to formally incorporate the full-time META-Health coaching and training practice we started in 2007.

We are the most experienced META-Health Coaches and Master Trainers in the UK. Robert is a Board member of the International META-Medicine Association (IMMA), the certifying body for META-Health worldwide, and we are both involved with the ongoing development META-Health and international standards, as well as regular speakers at IMMA conferences.

We work closely with fellow Master Trainers Tremayne Reiss and Dr Kwesi Anan Odum, to offer a diverse and advanced programme of talks, courses and certification trainings.

The META-Health Academy is based in the UK, and we offer the majority of our courses from our bases in Solihull, and Stratford upon Avon in central England. We also offer programmes internationally, and have trained people in countries such as the USA, Denmark, India and Egypt.

Dr Miho Nonami completed her training with us to the highest level, and offers META-Health Academy courses in Tokyo, Japan.

Read on to find out more about our Trainers below.

Trainer and Coach Biographies

Robert Waghmare

META-Health innovator, Licensed META-Health Master Trainer, Master Health Coach, META-Kinetics Developer & Trainer and EFT Master Trainer

Robert's story really began in 1972, when then at 2½ years, he was diagnosed with an illness called Nephrotic Syndrome. This chronic condition lasted until he was 18 years old. This experience gave him not only the understanding of the experience of illness effects us at all levels, mind body and social behaviour, but also a deep curiosity about why we get ill. For 35 years, until he discovered META-Medicine and developed META-Health, he never knew why he had that illness.

The creator of META-Health and the founder of the META-Health Academy, Robert is one of the worlds leading META-Health Coach, Master Trainer and developer of META-Health methodologies. He specialises in stress and anxiety release, helping people overcome complex health issues and reach their health, life, relationship and career goals.

His background in information systems research and consultancy provides the perfect backdrop for Robert to develop powerful questioning methodologies for helping people create solutions to complex problems. He has a passion for creating effective methods for personal change, and his work synthesises many systems, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Systems Consultancy, Spiral Dynamics, the Human Design System, Access Consciousness and systemic therapy.

Robert is a deeply intuitive coach and therapist, with an innate ability to help people access deep issues and transform quickly. His approach with others is warm and encouraging, and he is passionate about sharing his expertise, experience and enthusiasm for self-healing and personal transformation.

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Joanne Ross

Licensed META-Health Master Trainer, Master Health Coach, META-Kinetics Trainer and EFT Advanced Practitioner

Joanne’s background is in teaching and life coaching. From a young age, she was interested in personal growth, health, wellbeing and holistic living. She joined Robert as a full-time META-Health Coach and Trainer in 2006.

Joanne’s vision is to inspire people to achieve wellness on every level. Her approach is calm, balanced, insightful and purposeful. She combines clarity of thought with a deep intuitive understanding. She facilitates people to align with their true strengths and values, overcome internal barriers and health challenges, and build confidence. In addition to coaching and training, she writes for several publications on health and personal development.

In her one-to-one work, Joanne specialises in working with the mind-body connection, helping people to release stress, anxiety, confidence issues and negative mind-chatter. She shares the understanding and wisdom that META-Health can provide along with her own awareness and insights.

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Tremayne Reiss

Licensed META-Health Master Coach and META-Kinetics Trainer and Developer

Tremayne’s story began at eight years old when he had what he thought was an asthma attack. His doctor dismissed him and said it was all in the mind. He was right in that an inhaler wasn’t needed, but there was a breathing problem which was later discovered to be called psychogenic asthma.

Tremayne began searching for a solution and a passion for medicine developed. He went on to study at the college of Phytotherapy. His experience also led him into the field of Bio-Energetic medicine.

After Tremayne qualified in 2005, he took his META-Health training in Switzerland, and shortly afterwards met Robert and Joanne in Heidleberg, Germany, while attending a Brain Relay Diagnostics Seminar with Dr Anton Bader.

Tremayne works from a number of clinics and from home in London. He takes an integrative health coaching approach to working with his clients which increases vitality, shifts awareness and encourages the manifestation of their innate healing potential. This work led to a meeting with the late Alan Sales, a Master Kinesiologist and creator of Cyberkinetics, and it was with Alan that Tremayne first began to develop the system that is now META-Kinetics.

A solution to his breathing health issue was found and in the process he gained many learnings. Some of the methods explored have been integrated into his practice. As a Naturopath and META-Health Master Health Coach his techniques include:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • META-Kinetics (Advanced Kinesiology Methods)
  • Breathwork – Systemic Transformational Breathing
  • META-Health – to empower clients on their road to health
  • Meridian and Chakra balancing methods
  • Internal conflict resolution methods

Tremayne along with Robert and Joanne is deeply involved in the development of the next generation of mind-body and body-mind healing modalities.

Dr Kwesi Anan Odum

Creator of META-Vision, META-Health Master Trainer, Colour Psychology Master Trainer and 64keys Expert

Dr Kwesi is the creator of META-Vision and a world-leading authority in understanding the mental and emotional causes of eye conditions. He is an inspiring, warm and friendly medical doctor with a degree from the University of Kiel, specialist in Ophthalmology and psychosomatic medicine with 12 years private practice in Germany.

He is actively involved in researching and integrating different approaches to health and personal development.

Dr Kwesi brings together a wealth of understanding from various fields, including META-Health, modern medicine, Colour Psychology, the Kabbalah, 64keys, Astromedicine and numerology, to give you a deep understanding of human nature and ourselves.

He is a knowledgeable and approachable trainer whose vision is to inspire you to see your true self. His courses are both relaxed and richly informative.

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