META-Health Uncovers The Cause of Eczema

Sarah had experienced eczema around her eyes for five years. Although she had suffered from some minor outbreaks as a child, this eczema around her eyes had flared up suddenly at the age of 24, and had become a chronic pattern.

Eczema is a common health complaint, affecting an estimated 5-20% of children and 3-10% of adults in the UK – also the number of people experiencing eczema in urban areas and developed countries is rising. While we are familiar with eczema symptoms and types of eczema treatment, what still remains a mystery are the causes of eczema - why it occurs in the first place and why it sometimes becomes chronic.

Don’t we already know the causes of eczema?

Many irritants have been identified as possible eczema causes, including detergents, toiletries, clothing, food sensitivities, house mites and pets. While this sounds plausible, it leaves many questions unanswered.

What turns these substances from harmless to irritant (especially if the individual has experienced them long before the eczema started)? Why do different people react to different substances? And why doesn’t everybody react with eczema? Most people aren’t bothered by these irritants at all!

Another factor being considered in modern medical fields is whether there is a genetic component, as skin issues like dermatitis have been found to run in families.

However, the latest research by Dr Bruce Lipton and other epigeneticists is demonstrating that genes are not causal in 95% of dis-eases. Furthermore, our genes are not fixed: they are affected by our environment. Could sharing the same environment and beliefs as our parents count for more than our genes in predisposing us to similar health issues?

A third commonly-cited eczema cause or trigger is stress. In this article, we will go beyond current modern, complementary and alternative medical understanding by explaining for the first time how a specific type of stress causes eczema, and how there is a bio-logical meaning behind this.

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