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Modern Health Professionals

A scientific framework and methodology for diagnosing the unconscious root causes of chronic symptoms

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Are you a Doctor, Nurse Consultant or Medical Researcher?

Modern Health Professionals, Consultants and Researchers - If you work in the field of healthcare you may have become increasingly interested in how unconscious stress emotional conflicts and traumatic events can influence even drive dis-ease processes. We can support you to learn the science of precisely how and why,specific mental emotional traumas and internal conflicts lead to specific biological dis-eases based on an evolutionary understanding of a meaningful tissue response.

By teaching you the tools and transferring the practical skill sets that you can integrate into your healthcare practice it can transform your health awareness and practice and ultimately positively impact you patient outcomes.

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About META Health Academy

The META-Health Academy Limited was established by Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross in 2012 to formally incorporate the full-time META-Health coaching and training practice they started in 2007.

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