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  • Are you struggling to reconcile conflicting advice from all the so called authorities?
  • Do you feel confused why some things that should work, don't seem to work for you?
  • Is there a feeling of frustration when you see other people getting results that you want but haven't been able to attain?
  • Have you ever felt like you had a breakthrough, only to snap back to your old ways a short time later?
  • Do you often feel like you are blindly following advice ("just do it!") without really understanding the rationale behind it?
  • Are you tired of feeling that it's an endless search, hopping from one approach to another, each one promising to be 'the one'?
  • Have you had enough of having to rely on willpower, motivation and 'pumping yourself up'?

If any of that resonates then we have something for you.

It's not a new technique or a new set of things you have to do every day. It's an overarching framework that will show you how everything you've learned is all connected in a precise, logical framework. When you learn this framework, you may feel the biggest sense of belief you've felt in your whole life.


While it's not immediately obvious, the very notion of 'personal development' ends up communicating that there is something fundamentally wrong with us that needs fixing.

Don't you find that the intention behind most of the material in personal development is to fix a sense of inadequacy? As if you are fundamentally not enough, which leads us to have to do all manner of things to compensate for it.

This is a huge paradox since when we are functioning from that state we disconnect from our power of creativity that is the very thing that can enable us to create everything that we want.

Traditional approaches to personal development teach us that in order to achieve anything we must put ourselves in a state of stress. Often the more stressed we feel, the more we feel we are achieving.

Once you fully grasp the META-Health framework you will see through all the myths that are woven into traditional personal development approaches such as:

  • Get outside your comfort zone
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway
  • You're either a winner or a loser
  • Burn the bridge behind you so there's no way to retreat
  • Leap and grow your wings on the way down
  • Ready, fire, aim
  • You either have results or excuses
  • Get around successful people if you want to be successful
  • Avoid negativity at all costs, always be positive
  • Emotion is created by motion
  • People follow through when they are in state
  • No pain, no gain
  • You have to go out and make it happen
  • Make something of yourself
  • Make something of your life
  • Don't waste your life
  • You can be whatever you want to be

While even this may not be a new awareness, what's new is a very precise and logical framework that finally acts as an integrative hub that enables us to understand the relationships between all the various parts of ourselves.

This means we can precisely identify and permanently dissolve what's blocking us at the very root.

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About META Health Academy

The META-Health Academy Limited was established by Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross in 2012 to formally incorporate the full-time META-Health coaching and training practice they started in 2007.

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