Welcome to the META-Health Academy

Would you like to take your life, health, career, realtionships and your self to a totally different level of being?

The META-Health Academy Ltd is an advanced alternative medicine & holistic health training company offering foundation and certification programmes for coaches, practitioners, therapists, traditional medicine practitioners and anyone else who wants to gain from understand precisely why develop symptoms.

We also offer education and transformative consultancy services for those want to begin the process of resolving them.

Whether you're on a personal development or healing journey, looking to start a new career or already working work with clients, we can provide you with a revolutionary philosophical, scientific and pragmatic understanding of health, dis-ease and spiritual development.  We can support you to develop your career while supporting your personal evolution

We teach you the tools, methods and methodologies that practically reveal how our deepest thoughts and feelings create symptoms of illness or ill health in our bodies and minds.  This awareness is both revolutionary and transformational. It makes sense and is applicable to everyone regardless of their personal or professional background or level of education.

Who are the META-Health Academy Ltd

We are one of the longest-standing and most consistent META-Health training providers in the world, having offered a regular programme of courses since 2007. We offer META-Health Training and Certification at all levels, from introductory talks through Foundation, Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses to training Trainers and providing ongoing mentoring.

The META-Health Academy is the only organisation in the world to offer training in META-Kinetics, and META-Vision a system of advanced kinesiology which was developed by our Master trainers.

We are unique in our integration of META-Health with 64keys and colour psychology. We also train and certify professionals in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), thus offer our students a comprehensive, unique and integrated package of understanding and skill sets for mind-body health awareness, self-healing, personal and spiritual development.

Alongside our introductory talks and foundation and certification programmes, we offer one-to-one consultations to clients. These range from introductory Awareness Consultations to full weekly integrative coaching & therapy programmes.  Each programme is tailored to the individual's needs.

META-Health Academy Master Trainers

Robert Sefton Jai Waghmare  - Founder and Managing Director of META-Health Academy Ltd, and the originator of the META-Health concept the evolution of META-Medicine. Robert is META-Health Master Trainer of 10 years and IMMA Board Member. He is also an EFT Master Trainer and holds numerous other qualifications in a variety of therapeutic and facilitation methodologies. Robert is a leading Developer, Trainer and Consultant of META-Health and psycho-energetic methods of enquiry and therapeutic clearing. Click here for Robert's detailed Biography

Joanne Ross - Co-Founder and Director of META-Health Academy Ltd.  Joanne's background is in teaching and life coaching and she began working with META-Health in 2005. Joanne has worked tirelessly with Robert to develop a world class syllabus for META-Health Academy students.  Click here for Joanne's detailed biography

Dr Kwesi Anan Odum - Dr Kwesi is the IMMA President and a Master Trainer in META-Health. Dr Kwesi's background is in Opthalmology (Eye Medicine), and he is a leading developer within META-Health, creator of the field of META-Vision. He is a 64keys Trainer and expert in colour psychology. He is working with Robert and Joanne creating world class training programmes.  Click here for Dr Kwesi's detailed biography

Tremayne Reiss - Master Trainer and Co-Developer of META-Kinetics.  Tremayne's background is in Herbal Medicine. With a deep interest in consciousness, along with Robert and Joanne, Tremayne has helped broaden and deepen META-Health enquiry through an advanced application in Kinesiology called META-Kinetics.  Click here for Tremayne's detailed biogrpahy

Video Testimonials From Students

Who has benefited from working or training with the META-Health Academy?

Whether you are looking for NEW or more advanced approaches to self-healing, personal or spiritual development.  If your an established, Coach or therapist, a modern, alternative or complimentary health professional or exploring different career development options or require CPD (Continuing Professional Development points)

The META-Health Academy provides you with an indispensable set of frameworks, coaching and therapeutic toolkits, unique mind-body diagnostic methodologies that you can immediately integrate into your life and/or professional practice.

Finally all our professional certification programmes are externally accredited

META-Health is for everybodys body-mind

META-Health is the game changer we've all been looking for

META-Health enables us all to understand the precise relationship between the mental, emotional, behaviourial and bio-logal symptoms of stressors and trauma in way that make sense and is meaningful in the context of ones life situations and historical events

META-Health provides us with a comprehensive and scientific understanding and methodology to determine how and why we unconsciously react to perceived stressful stimulus on all levels biologically, psychologically emotionall and behaviourially.

This understanding enables you to start changing your perceptions and understand how your subjective beliefs and values have been formed within the family and social context (Epigenetics) and how why you experience stress and emotional and physical symptoms in the way you do!  It also means that you will have better understanding

The basic META-Health Analysis methodology we developed and teach on the META-Health Foundation Programme enables eveyone to understand how why different stressful responses lead to precise bio-logical dis-ease processes and meanings within the context of life areas, such as career change, interpersonal conlficts.

Are you on a Self-Healing Journey?

Have you been working on your health, physical symptoms or emotional stress-based challenges.

  • Are are you struggling to make sense of and resolve symptoms?
  • Do you feel confused by your body's reactions and symptom patterns, do ever wonder why me why now?
  • Have you ever experienced symptoms when life actually seemed to be getting better?
  • So you have a sense there is something missing in the field of health and personal development?
  • Have you ever wondered if there was a new model that clearly explains how thoughts, feelings, behaviours and even physical symptom patterns are integrated and
  • Are you finding it difficult to achieve your goals?
  • Do you feel like you've hit a invisible wall in terms of your health and personal development?

Don't worry we can help you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the unconscious drivers of your health and personal development concerns and support you to unlock your self-healing potential while accelerating your personal development.

Are you an EFT Practitioner or Trainer?

Getting to the root causes of clients’ traumatic memories creating their health issues can be complex. We help EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioners and trainers to cut through potential ambiguities, access deeply-held emotional memories, core belief systems and emotional blocks, while helping clients make sense of the enirety of their experience pre and post stress or trauma.

The key benefits of learning META-Health Analysis for EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner are:

  • Knowing the likely symptom patterns that will occur as a result specific emotional release and traumatic memory clearing work and theerfore better able to support clients through the healing process
  • Going beyond technique based intervention and learning a complete Framework and mind-body diagnostic that creates an organising context to use all other coaching and therapeutic modalities.
  • Supports you to enhance the results of existing techniques by increassing the precision of your enquiry while helping you to transcend limitations of current working modalities. META-Health is the science of beyonding...

Are you Consellor/Psychotherapist?

Would you like to gain a cutting edge understanding of how your clients' thought and emotional processes, traumatic memories and limiting beliefs are holding them back or creating health issues?

We can train you to work more deeply with clients, addressing specific subconscious aspects driving your clients mental emotional, behaviourial and even physiological health issues.

Are you a Coach or Personal Development Professional?

Are a Life, Career, Executive, Health, Business or Sports Coach - You may have becoing more aware that there are significant relationships between clients’ barriers to achievement their beliefs, values, emotions, behaviours and health challenges

We enable our student coaches to develop a more comprehensive, systemic and precise understanding of how this works which will enable you to work with a more integrated awarenss to facilitate the achievement of greater more transformation and Results for your clients.  In fact this is precisely where Rob and Joanne started their careers in personal devlopment as Life, career and performance oaching over 14 years ago.

Are you an NLP Practitioner/Trainer?

NLP demonstrates the significance of the relationships between our thoughts, language and behavour. META-Health expands and deepens this awareness by revealing the precise connections between thoughts (beliefs and values) language, emotions, behaviour, brain neurology and organic symptoms.

This awareness and understanding allows NLP Practitioners, Masters and Trainer to develop expanded understanding of the specific realtionships between certain language and behaviour and the physiological recruitment leading to a far greater systemic understanding of the underlying  programmed and bio-psyhco-social nature of perceptual bias that drives client experiences and meaning creation.

Are you a Alterntive or complimentary Medical Practitioner?

We have trained a numbers of Practitioners from Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine and Ayuvedic Medicine. One of the aspects of META-Health that is astounding to Alternative Medical Practitioners is the way that it connects with and often enables them to fill in perceived gaps and even refine some of their undersanding of their own fields.

META-Health goes beyond and provides an empirical framework about the nature of symptoms it tansforms existing diagnostic approaches leading to more accurate root cause analysis which ultimately improves therapy/treatment plans and results

Are you a Modern Health Professional, Doctor, Nurse Consultant or Medical Researcher?

Modern Health Professionals, Consultants and Researchers - If you work in the field of healthcare you may have become increasingly interested in how unconscious stressors emotional conflicts and traumatic events can influence even drive dis-ease processes. We can support you to learn the science of precisely how and why,specific mental emotional traumas and internal conflicts lead to specificc biological dis-eases based on an evolutionary understanding of a meaningful tissue response.

By teaching you the tools and transferring the practical skill sets that you can integrate into your healthcare practice it can transform your health awarness and practice and ultimately positively impact you patient outcomes

Where do I start?

If you're new to the META-Health Academy, our articles, newsletter, talks and Foundation Course are a good place to start.

META-Health Academy Training and Services

Overview of services

Transformational Foundation Workshops

There are currently three Foundation Courses META-Health, EFT, META-Kinetics, META-Vision and 64keys, these usually run over the weekend period. Each Foundation Course has been designed to give you basic understanding of the theory and time to practice the concepts and methods of each field.

Our Foundation Courses have been enjoyed by many people from around the world. Developed with a focus on tools for your conscious awareness, personal development and transformative skill sets, in an environment of allowance and fun. You will leave our workshops feeling like your brain has been upgraded and have a fresh new perspectives on your self, life and gained a group of new friends and colleagues.

Accredited Professional Trainings

Choose from 3 different certification subjects or combine into a unique unparalled skillsets focused on results. We run regular basic to Master Practitioner certification trainings in EFT, META-Health and META-Kinetics certification trainings over 12 month periods. These courses are all live with a focus on the development of advanced pragmatic consultancy, coaching and therapeutic skillsets for health and personal development professionals. Our courses are continually evolving!

Specialist Training

We not only run externally accredited programmes but have developed our own. META-Kinetics is exciting new field combining cutting-edge tools and our unique developments in META-Health with an advanced form of Analogue Kinesiology called Cyberkinetics. The synthesis is quite incredible and allows students to enter into the advanced body-mind enquiry and balancing. META-Kinetics provides Practitioners with never before experienced levels of precision, and tools for enquiry into the unconscious which are ground breaking.

Awareness Sessions

Do you have a stress-based emotional or physical symptom issue that you would like to get broader and deeper understanding of? Book an Awareness Session with one of our certified META-Health Practitioners.

One to One Consultancy

Once you have an awareness of the unconscious drivers behind your life/health challenges, booking in for a Discovery Session is the next step in starting the process of change

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With love, light and healing energy,

Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross
Directors of the META-Health Academy Ltd