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Would you like to understand what is at the core of your health issues? Do you wonder what the real causes of stress are? Would you like to accelerate your personal and professional development?

Whether you're on a personal development or healing journey or work with clients, META-Health provides a revolutionary philosophical understanding of health. It is based on scientific methods that demonstrate how our deepest thoughts and feelings create symptoms of illness or ill health in our bodies and minds. Based on scientific evidence, META-Health provides a concise analytical framework. It gives you comprehensive and precise information on why we experience specific health issues and indicates what we need to do to resolve them.

This knowledge is transformational. It makes sense to practitioners and clients intuitively and logically at all levels: biological, psychological, social and behavioural.

META-Health is not another therapeutic technique, but rather a comprehensive approach to understanding how health and personal development are fully integrated.

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As the UK's longest established and most innovative META-Health training provider, the META-Health Academy offers a wide range of META-Health Professional Training. Our courses include META-Health Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Professional Mentoring. We also train EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), offering EFT Practitioner (Level 1 & 2), EFT Advanced Practitioner (Level 3) and EFT Professional Mentoring.

Exclusively to the META-Health Academy is META-Kinetics, a practical application of META-Health based on advanced kinesiology. You will learn META-Kinetics with the original developers.

The Academy also offers private one-to-one coaching sessions. Using a synthesis of META-Health, META-Kinetics, EFT, NLP, life coaching and other advanced approaches, this is a highly effective way of accessing and releasing the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Who can META-Health benefit?

Whether you are an individual, an established therapist, a health professional or exploring new career options, META-Health is an indispensable framework to integrate into your life or practice.

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Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross
Directors of the META-Health Academy Ltd

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