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A leading developer of cutting edge mind-body methods

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Learn with the Principal thought leaders, developers, Consultants and Master Trainers in the field

If you are going to learn something, doesn't it make sense to learn from the people who have the deepest understanding and greatest application? And who have the ability to answer any questions you might have?

We are also the originators of Many unique distinctions, knowledgbases, Models and methodologies that enhance peoples body-mind diagnostic, coaching and therapeutic abilities and skill sets.

and own the following trademarks supporting our work

META-Health Coach® Our main Programme taught over 18 months to 2 years
META-Health Scan® Taught as part of the META-Kinetics Level 1 training
META-Dream Analyst® Taught as part of the META-Heath Coach® Training


Robert, Joanne, Tremayne and Dr Kwesi create a learning environment that is supportive, nurturing and empowering (as reported by students in their video testimonies).

Train With The Most Experienced META-Health Trainers In The World

Having more than combined 40 years experience developing and delivering META-Health and related training, which is more than any other training provider in the world

Because of that our programmes have evolved way beyond the original knowledge base, and we have a number Intellectual properties taught uniquely by us

When you train with the META-Health Academy you can be sure you apply that you will both gain a solid basic foundation as well as learn how the latest cutting edge diagnostic coaching and therapeutic methodologies.

Go beyond the intellect and learn how to practically apply and embody META-Health

MD and founder of the META-Health Academy Ltd, Robert has resolved Asthma, Nephrotic Syndrome, Digestive Ulcers, Chronic Bronchitis and is resolving heart related issues with META-Health.

It's one thing to understand META-Health in your head by learning the information, but to believe and understand so deeply that you are willing to trust your life with it is very different.

Instead of taking a mainstream approach, Robert took a consciousness approach to resolving his issues.

As a result, his overall health and well-being have improved dramatically.

This has led to Robert making some extremely useful distinctions and discoveries about META-Health, various health challenges and how to resolve them.

Robert, Joanne, Dr Kwesi and Tremayne are Among The Leading Trainers and developers of META-Health in the World

Robert Waghmare, Joanne Ross, Dr Kwesi  and Tremayne Reiss' research efforts have led to numerous innovations applications and developments of META-Health. They have led to the creation of several new META-Health methods that integrate and advance go beyond the core knowledge base.

Our innovations include the META-Meanings, META-Health Analysis Methodology, Health Thresholds Model, Stress Pattern Eliciation Process and Non-Linear Enquiry.

We have also co-developed an entirely new field of bio-psycho-social practice (known as META-Kinetics) with innovations such META-Health Scan, META-Kinetic root-cause enquiry, META-Kinetics Chakra and Meridian Balancing, META-Kinetics Integrative Balancing and META-Health Non Linear Analysis.

Gain 3 Days Of Foundational Knowledge

Our original META-Health material led us to conduct 2 day introductory courses.

Through our 14 years of experience testing, getting feedback from students and then tweaking, our Foundation course grew from 2 days to 3.

This extra day enables you to demonstrate to yourself and others how effective the META-Health framework is and if you are a practitioner, start the process of integrating META-Health into your own professional practice.

The extra experience, understanding and skills you gain on our unique programme mean you'll receive a deeper embodiment of the knowledge base and methodology. Meaning you will leave with the ability to actually conduct META-Health Analyses.

We asked a group of META-Health Academy students one simple question:
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About META Health Academy

The META-Health Academy Limited was established by Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross in 2012 to formally incorporate the full-time META-Health coaching and training practice they started in 2007.

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