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What Is META-Health? How Can It Help Me?

META-Health is a revolutionary approach to personal transformation based upon a natural scientific understanding of how our sense perceptions, unconscious thoughts, emotions, physiology and behaviors are fully integrated with and actively creating our health, personal development and well-being or creating dis-ease and degeneration.

META-Health also helps us to remove the fear of our body's responses and can demonstrate how and why many of the symptoms labelled clinically today as dis-eases are actually a part of a complex and regenerative process of evolution.

The application of the META-Health model helps us individually integrate our perspectives and experience of health and dis-ease. This leads to accelerated personal development, self healing and expanded consciousness.

META-Health is ushering in a new age in which disease is a product of our stress causing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The implications for transforming society into a more caring, more human, less mechanical view of life and a greater understanding of our place in the universe.

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META-Health Practitioner Course Timetable

9.30 am for 10 am start. We finish at around 6.30pm and may offer opportunities for further educational activities and networking after the formal training.

Why do we need META-Health? What are the problems with existing health approaches?

Exploration of the state of healthcare and personal development in the 21st century

How META-Health creates a paradigm shift in healthcare: From bio-chemical symptom suppression to root cause information and the unconscious cause!

Start exploration and explanation of the 10 core principles of META-Health

How all symptoms have a specific cause, meaning and process

The bio-psycho-social and environmental connection and how it really works

How and why illness begins: the critical role of stress triggers and shock (traumatic events)

META-Health Analysis process demo and opportunities to uncover the emotional causes of your own issues

The Two Phases and nine points of health and illness: organ, brain, mind (psyche) and energy (see figure 1 below)

Understanding stress and regeneration, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

Scientific evidence of the organ-mind-brain connection from brain CT scans

The brain areas and biological meanings behind common health issues

Video clip from the Living Matrix and META-Health explanations

Fascinating case studies demonstrating the body-mind-social connection

Practical exercises in META-Health Analysis to uncover the root emotional cause, energetic and subconscious patterns and triggers behind specific issues

Meal out with the instructor and your fellow students

Pair and group activities, and question-and-answer sessions

Practical exercises in META-Health Analysis with mentoring and support to develop your skill and confidence

Understanding the brain areas and the evolutionary meanings behind common health issues

Bio-logical helpers? The role of microbes within a dis-ease and healing process

Insights into how to use META-Health with EFT and other therapies

Experience of creating a basic META-Therapy plan

Introduction to META-Kinetics including opportunities to have a META-Health Scan or META-Kinetics enquiry and balance

A social evening with your Trainers and fellow students on Saturday evening for a chance to enjoy a meal together and socialise

FREE Demonstration of META-Kinetics: An advanced kinesiological approach to non linear analysis. Witness the state of the art in the evolution of META-Health Analysis. META-Kinetics goes beyond linguistic analysis, in that it allows a comprehensive assessment and communication with the body field (superconscious) and provides a framework and methodology for any coach or therapist who is looking to achieve deeper and more profound results with their clients

25% discount on a Health Discovery Session and META-Health Scan and report usually costing £1290. Discover all your active dis-ease processes on every level and determine your personal priority for healing by tapping into your body’s innate intelligence. NB This is NOT available anywhere else in the world today and this information will significantly empower your approach to healing and personal development.

Cut through the personal and spiritual development minefield! After 25 years and several thousand pounds invested on books, courses and technologies, Robert will help you by talking about about the tools, methods and methodologies for accelerating your healing & personal development and while saving you time and money.

Affiliate and Joint Venture opportunities – Get involved in spreading the word about The META-Health Academy

£100 rebate when you decide to join the META-Health Practitioner Training with us

Figure 1: During the course you will learn each step of the the 2 phases process of dis-ease and return to wellness.

META-HEALTH Practitioner Course Outcomes

  • Uncover The Root Causes Of Your Own Health Challenges

    Prior to attending live we will guide you through the process of preparing details of a specific health issue that you can work on practically as the course unfolds.

  • An Ability To Apply The META-Health Framework After The Course

    Learn how to apply the META-Health framework, principles and methods confidently far beyond the end of the 3 day training.

  • High Quality Binder Containing Course Materials

    Your course materials pack includes a beautiful META-Health Academy A4 notepad, a META-Health Academy branded premium Parker pen and a robust binder containing all colour course materials, notes and reference guides.

  • Significant Reduction In The Fear Around Illness

    Once you see symptoms as meaningful and part of an intelligent process, the amount of fear you experience will drop significantly. It is the fear response to illness that often increases stress on the body and aggravates the symptom.

  • Your Most Challenging Questions Answered By A World Leading Authority

    Because META-Health is a natural science and a complete model of health, Robert can help you to use it to decode any symptoms or health issue to its real root cause since the whole brain, body and organ system has been meaningfully mapped out.


Meet The Trainer

Robert Waghmare

META-Health Innovator, Licensed META-Health Master Trainer, Master Health Coach, META-Kinetics Developer & Trainer and EFT Master Trainer

The creator of META-Health and the founder of the META-Health Academy, Robert is one of the worlds leading META-Health Coaches as well as a Master Trainer and developer of META-Health methodologies. He specialises in stress and anxiety release, helping people overcome complex health issues and reach their health, life, relationship and career goals.

Why Train with Robert?

  • Research and Proprietary Applications For Practitioners

    Working with this method since its origin, Rob has developed and refined it over the last few years creating many proprietary applications for coaches and practitioners that you can’t get anywhere else.

  • 15 Years Of Hands On Experience

    Rob has been practicing in the coaching industry and has been training, mentoring and facilitating coaches to develop for the last 15 years.

  • Understands The Struggle To Stand Out

    Rob started out as a Life Coach and EFT practitioner with no real way to differentiate his services from the absolute abundance of coaches and therapists in the world today.

  • Experimented On Himself

    He used his own personal issues to validate and prove the efficacy of the method. This included anxiety, depression and ultimately a heart attack at age 42 that he healed over the next 8 months with no medical intervention.

  • A Unified Framework For All Modalities

    Rob has a broad range of skills and qualifications that he has integrated into a single framework for his coaching practice.

Why Train Live With The META-Health Academy Specifically?

Experience META Consciousness Facilitation

Working with Robert on a one to one basis incurs a fee of £350 per hour. Live training provides the unique opportunity to interact with him in real time at a fraction of the cost.

The ability to ask questions relating to the material is one thing (and Robert certainly does that), but often students have specific questions about their personal health issues.

This allows Robert to give the person asking the question a direct conscious experience of META-Health while other students get the experience of being a fly on the wall in Roberts one to one therapy practice.

This approach to teaching META-Health is unique to the META-Health Academy and goes beyond experiential learning and into the space of facilitating your own acknowledgement of the truth about this framework.

That's when META-Health will really come to life for you. When you recognise META-Health as a natural science you'll realise you knew the truth all along. It's totally bio-logical.

Direct Interaction With Other Students

Discussing what you learn with other students as you go adds another dimension to the experience and greatly enhances the ease with which you'll absorb and retain the material.

You also get the opportunity to start developing your skills by practicing with your other students so you have some real experience before you finish the course.

Focus Completely On Your Class

Being away from your normal home and working environment gives you the time and space to relax and focus on your class completely.

Free of distractions you'll have the space to fully relax and enjoy the experience, which is of benefit in itself.

Real Hands On Experience

Hands-on exercises give you a chance to experiment with the tools and practice under Roberts expert guidance.

Robert's extensive experience with his own clients will greatly help you in the specific application of what you learn.

Much Greater Knowledge Retention

When it comes to the depth of understand and the retention of what you learn, nothing beats live training.

In person training encourages participation and meaningful discussion to fine tune your understanding to a standard that cannot be matched by online learning.

Personalised Delivery

Robert naturally calibrates the delivery of the material based on the existing level of knowledge, skills and experience of the participants.

This ensures that everyone in the class achieves the understanding, leaving the course with a deep sense of satisfaction.

money back logo

24 hr Money Back Guarantee

We are so positive that you will have an amazing experience that if you feel in the 1st 24 hours of our META-Health Foundation training that its not for you we will refund your training fee in full. So your risk is zero.

This information, awareness, understanding and the skills transfer we offer are transformational and unsurpassed in the field of META-Health. We’ve had many students over the last decade who have put off training with us until they did Reiki, EFT, NLP or some other training only to come to regret it later when they realised the very thing they had been looking for had been there the whole time, offered uniquely by the META-Health Academy.


Crowne Plaza Hotel, Solihull, UK

61 Homer Road, Solihull, XWM B91 3QD

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Testimonials For Our META-Health Foundation Course

  • I am so grateful for all the support and inspiration from the training. The Intro META Health and META Kinetics was a powerful awakening process and continues resolving issues that had previously held me back. Thank you so much Robert and Joanne for all your care, knowledge, expert healing ability and inspirational love. The training was a perfect combination of Heart, Body and Mind. I'm deeply grateful and honored to be trained by you.
    Timothy Ryan, Ph.D.http://drtimothyryan.com
      Timothy Ryan, Ph.D.
  • Rob and Joanne the trainers are the best! Great combination of styles. The organized, and yet flexible format of the course was great. Gave us a structure but also felt that it was being molded to the needs and energy of the group. The entire concept of meta-health is great to get. It was also great to hear a bit about meta-kinetics and the 64 Keys. I benefited a lot , as I have been having a lot of chronic injuries and body pain in my leg, back and shoulder, which are now far better understood. I got a nice introduction to the basics to guide me a bit better on how I can become better and pain-free.
    Carolina Estefam Nahuz - Empowerment Coach & Trainer
      Carolina Estefam Nahuz - Empowerment Coach & Trainer
  • The Foundation Weekend is mind blowing and it also a good foundation for becoming a Practitioner. Understanding the precise mind-body connection and emotional connection as part of the picture of health is a missing component in the current western model in my opinion. These Trainers have developed a complete model and they give a better understanding of the human brain-body connection than I've heard before.
    Francesca ZilleNutritionist
      Francesca Zille
  • I loved every second of the course. I really liked the friendly atmosphere right from the start.  I like the clarity of the information presented and the quality of the take home materials. I also like the kindness and patience you showed in answering our questions (of which there were many). I gained a much better understanding of META-Health and the analysis methodology. It will benefit me greatly in my work as a therapist in helping to identify the core beliefs causing the illness and so better target my therapies. The most interesting aspect for me is the unlimited potential this system has. I think everyone should have knowledge of META-Health as it would change the whole dogma of symptom based medicine and empower people to take responsibility for their own health.
    Ginny CunninghamTherapist (Reflexology, EFT & Matrix)
      Ginny Cunningham
  • I liked how the weekend delivered a mix of different learning styles. We had visual learning, practical demos, videos etc. I learnt how symptoms, conditions and disease relate to the various parts of the bodies (brain, muscle, bones etc). I found it fascinating how the regeneration phase is actually healing our bodies contrary to my previous beliefs that it’s a sign of weakness. Watching a live Meta kinetics demo on one of the learners was mind blowing. I think this was the point when I realised the true power of Meta Health!
    Gurjit Dhanjal
      Gurjit Dhanjal
  • I thought the whole Foundation weekend was excellent.  The materials were clearly set out and explained and as the group was small, there was plenty of time for questions and some fulsome replies! I got more confirmation to really trust my body’s innate healing capacity. The depth to which this paradigm is being taken, hopefully enough to transform the allopathic medical model in use in todays’ world. The first truly holistic approach. Everybody should learn this.  It really is the way forward.  The understanding that life, including disease is an evolutionary journey.
    Jill Dunsford
      Jill Dunsford
  • The group size wasn’t too large, which helped me to feel comfortable about opening up personally. The way Robert and Joanne structured the training meant it was delivered in a coherent and logical way, with plenty of time to ask questions along the way. One of the most valuable things I got from the training was the insight into my own health issues and I was fortunate enough to experience direct work with Robert and Joanne during the demo. Words cannot express the gratitude I felt at being able to release such intense emotions that were trapped within, and the fact that I was able to make sense of so many underlying patterns that have been holding me back; and all in such a short space of time! I found the entire 3 days completely fascinating and I am very enthusiastic about embarking on the Practitioner training.
    Linsey Todd
      Linsey Todd
  • Before attending this course, I was still a little skeptical about all the dis-ease come from the mind (i.e. flu) and was thinking what was the evidence? etc. Although still to prove is difficult, even in modern medicine its same (most disease’s cause are “unkown” )and I felt it is more important to listen/feel effects our body. In fact I was very impressed how the organ is mapped in the brain depends on development/germ layer. It was really good opportunity to overview and understand the principle of Meta-Health over 3 days, and actually to get the start opportunity to use Meta-Health to myself and my family/friends. I tried my own symptom vitiligo in my right elbow which I noticed last Spring. I was kind of knowing the reason as I had big private issue around beginning of January. During pair-practice with other course attendee, when she read the part “skin, epidermal” then, conflict associated with, “Brutal-separation”, all of sudden a big emotion wave like tsunami came to me and I could not stop burst into tears. Kindly Joanne stepped into the practice and giving me EFT session (+a little Marrix Reimprinting as well) and I could release my feelings.  2-3 days later, the actual skin colour has back to normal. I was so surprised and even emotional by this fact.....I had been to a Dermatologist the previous March when I was in Japan and that Dr said “there's nothing we can do, steroid cream might be helpful...” after more than a year, within 2 of META-Health days this was cured.... I think everybody should learn and in particular medical professionals.
    Dr Mariko MorishitaConsultant Oncologist
      Dr Mariko Morishita
  • The gentle low key approach to world shattering revelations is very much akin to my preferred style of presentation. This is a very serious subject, possibly the whole future of medicine, health, and healing is at stake. I got a whole lot of mind work to do from here on and my enquiries and studies are now beginning wit a focus on a brighter future for myself and mankind. My knowledge has been broadened with a new view of dis-ease. My view of health and healing has been totally changed and I am now thinking about many aspects of my experiences and those of others, not from a new view point, but from a new vantage point. Thank you.
    Max Owen
      Max Owen

Who is the Accrediting Organisation?

The META-Health Academy is major contributing member of the non-profit META-Health International (MHI), who regulates the standards and quality of seminars, META-Health Coach/Prctitioner training and education.

The META-Health Academy is major contributor to the development of skills and standards used to evaluate and examine practitioners worldwide.

MHI is responsible for the accreditation and certification of all META-Health Coaches and Trainers worldwide.

MHI Mission Statement is: "The transformation of medicine and health care into an integral & holistic art and science, promoting physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health".

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Your purchased is backed up by our 24 hour money back guarantee as described above.

Booking is open for the Foundation Course running on the 6th, 7th and 8th of December 2019.

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The META-Health Academy Limited was established by Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross in 2012 to formally incorporate the full-time META-Health coaching and training practice they started in 2007.

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