What is META-Health?

META-Health is a revolutionary and transformational approach based upon a natural scientific understanding of how our sense perception, thoughts (unconsious), emotions (feelings) our physiology (organ-brain) and behaviours are fully integrated with and actively creating our health, personal development and well-being or dis-ease and degeneration.

META-Health also importantly helps us to remove the fear of our body's (organismic) responses and can explain and demonstarte how and why many of the symptoms labelled clinically today as dis-eases are actually a part of a complex and regenerative (restorative) evolutionary process.

The META-Health framework provides everybody with a precise mind-body-social  behaviourial and symptomatic model that enables them to find and explain the root unconscious mental and emotional causes (Stressors), meaning and processing of symptoms at all levels biologically, psychologically, emotionally and behaviourially culminating in evolutionary and developmental awareness and therfore facilitates personal transformation in a natural and precise way.

META-Health Coaches and Master Practitioner train to become highly skilled in de-coding anybody's natural bio-logical survival programming by mapping the precise relationships between perceived environmental (social & physical) stressors and the consequential physical, emotional, behaviourial symptoms, via the organ-brain relay, to their unconscious causes.  This is achieved by using an advanced Bio-psycho-social framework and a number of different coaching and analytical methodologies

META-Health is based upon a natrual scientific framework founded on empirical evidence emerging from more than 40 years of bio-psycho-social research and has an empirical basis based up Brain CT Scan research. It gives us all an epi-genetic, evolutionary understanding resulting in a complete biological, psychological, social and environmental meaning of any illness. META-Health has 10 core principles and redefines our understanding of health, dis-ease, healing, personal development an evolution today.

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According to the science behind META-Health, there is not only a mind-body connection, but actually a very precise organ-brain-psyche-social (behaviourial) relationship. Each brain area and relay corresponds to a specific type of experience i.e. brain stem and all the organs directed by the brain stem are usually associated with the ingestion, assimilation and elimination processing of information associated with survival just like the digestive system.

Each brain relay within a brain area corresponds to a specific organ tissues and a specific conflict or trauma and an environmental-social experience.

For Example.  In my case (Robert) I had a kidney nephrons dis-ease process (Nephrotic Syndrome) age 2.5 to 18 yrs which caused me to retain fluid and mobilize proteins from muscle tissue. The META-Meaning of this dis-ease programme and corresponding symptoms were driven by feelings of abandonment and isolation. To enable the body to cope in a felt isolation. In the modern world the body holding on to water doesn't make rational sense because water appears to be everywhere on tap.

But our body doesn't respond in a rational way according to what we see is available and think is rational today.  To understand how and why our body responds in the way it does we have to change our thinking to make sense of how could this symptom be meaningful from an survuval/evolutionary perspective?

Water is the 2nd most significant element (after air) in the physiological hierarchy of needs.  In archaic times, when water was a scarce resource being abandoned/isolated left alone in the desert so to speak it could mean the end of water supply which was potentially life threatening.

Hence Nephrotic Syndrome from a META-Health perspective is seen to be natural bio-logically meaningful programme that started with a perceived abandonment/isolation shock where the individual suddenly felt lost and unsupported.  This is taken straight out of the Organ-Mind-brain directory

For me the shock/trigger was being lost in Edinburgh in Marks and Spencers for 2 hours age 2 years of age, which interestingly was just a few months prior to my initial clinical diagnosis.

Even more interesting is how my mother remembers how traumatised I was for days afterwards, she said its like I wasn't the same afterwards.  This story elegantly describes a bio-logical conflict experience where our brain-body begins an unconscious programme in order to help us survive in a perceived emergency siutation.

Since discovering META-Medicine at age 35 I have been able to put togther many missing pieces of my health jigsaw and resolve many health issues.

The 2 phases of dis-ease, self-healing, organ symptoms transformation and evolution as an intelligent and meaningful process

Researchers have found that significant emotional experiences, stress triggers amd traumas almost always precede the onset of symptoms

If we experience a conflict shock or stress trigger, an event that is unexpected, and momentarily dramatic and emotional, then our organism reacts with what we call 'dis-ease process' and symptoms like cancer, eczema, diabetes etc.

'Stress' has often been cited by various medical experts as a major cause of ill health. Meta Health takes our understanding of stress to a state-of-the-art level, where specific types of emotional stress can be seen to have an effect on specific organ-brain relays, thereby affecting the whole of the organism bio-psycho-socially (at all levels).

This knowledge is absolutely revolutionary because it allows us to understand specifically how any dis-ease processes begin and which therapies are most likely to be useful. But this is just the beginning. META-Health and META-Kinetics takes our understanding and our ability to enquire into body-mind interactions much further.

Why is this so important? Well, just imagine how much more precise enquiry can be if we understand the exact organ-mind-brain-social/behaviourial and environmental relationships. Additionally, META-Health explains the process and phasing of any dis-ease cycle and the two phases of any health issue, so therapies can be applied far more efficiently and successfully.

Finally, because we understand the cause, meaning and process of thoughts, feelings and symptoms, we can therefore support the body mind and brains natural healing mechanisms instead of working against them using symptom suppressive methods as many therepies attempt to do!

The Evolution of the 10 Principles of META-Health

The Evolution of the 10 Models - The META-Health Academy Limited 2018

For the first time, META-Health, META-Kinetics and META-Vision can provide Coaches, Therapists, Holistic and Energy Practitioners, Health Professionals and our clients with precise understanding, Models and methodologies unparalleled skillsets to support healing and personal development on bio-logical, psychological, social and behavioral levels and provide unqiue answers to nearly all health questions.

The META-Health Academy Professionals Trainers and Consultants were the first  META-Health Independent Health Consultants and Master Trainers in the world able to offer root cause Analysis, META-Health Coaching, META-Therapy and Health Coach Training and certitification both in the UK and Internationally.

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