META-Health Professional Mentoring

Boost your confidence betting to grips META-Health Analysis methodology, develop your professional knowledge base and skills sets, obtain greater precision and speed in your work!

Develop your META-Health Analytical skill sets

This is an opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge, understanding and skills in META-Health Analysis and META-Health Coaching and receive supervision from Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross, two of the worlds leading Senior Master Trainers.

META-Health Mentoring is open to those who have completed the META-Health Foundation Practitioner training or beyond.

The Mentoring will transfer valuable knowledge, understanding and skill if you're training as a META-Health Practitioner or Master Practitioner or if you've already qualified and keen to further your professional development.

Your META-Health Master Trainers

Robert and Joanne have formulated and continue to evolve a unique synthesis of philosophies, methodologies and techniques from META-Medicine, Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Systems research methods, cybernetics, psychotherapy, systemic therapy, NLP, EFT, Energy Psychology, META-Kinetics Advanced Kinesiology and The Human Design System.

As such, they have developed unique and unparalleled approach to coaching and therapy.

They are on the Advisory Board for the International META-Medicine Association, and are actively furthering the development of the field, with innovations such as META-Kinetics, the Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process and the forthcoming Fusion Approach.

Robert and Joanne have been teaching META-Medicine and META-Health since 2007, and have shared META-Health principles with thousands of people through their talks, courses and articles.

They ensure that participants gain maximum learning and experience, as well as developing a deeper understanding and of course, some transformation of their own!

META-Health Mentoring Day Testimonials

  • 'A great weekend of both META-Health and EFT Mentoring, thanks again for all your hard work, both of you, and for making it such a fab learning environment'
    Name Sue Bennett Holistic Therapist, META-Kinetics Practitioner and META-Health Coach Trainee
  • ‘Your training was great as always! You were very patient, very forthcoming with information and support. I really enjoy the family spirit working with you guys.

    The real big shift for me was that I got a greater and deeper understanding of the body and its meaning - I completely get it now! I will certainly be coming again, I just loved it'
    Name Caroline Brundrit Holistic Therapist, EFT Practitioner and META-Health Introductory Weekend Participant

Why Join Our META-Health Mentoring Day?

This META-Health Mentoring day will give you the opportunity to gain deeper insights into META-Health, develop your analysis skills and practice with fellow students and META-Health Professionals.

You will gain the opportunity to ask your most complex META-Health and mind-body health related questions, and begin a troubleshooting process to overcome any difficulties or barriers you may be experiencing with clients, your own practice, or within yourself.

Each Mentoring Day provides opportunities for meeting and sharing with fellow therapists, health professionals, META-Health Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Coaches, Trainers and Master Trainers.

What Will We Do On the META-Health Mentoring Day?

Our META-Health Mentoring Days combine three elements:


  • NEW META-Health information and approaches - taught segments for enhancing your knowledge, understanding, skills and awareness with the UK's leading innovators
  • Discussion and troubleshooting - opportunities to ask your questions, discuss any difficulties and get advice from your trainers and fellow trainees
  • Practice - opportunities to use the different META-Health Analysis and META-Health Coaching Processes with fellow trainees, gain guidance and improve your skills

The content of each of our META-Health Mentoring Days is based on participants' needs, desires and learning requests. What would help you to develop your use of META-Health most? Let us know what you really want to learn and have it included in future Mentoring Day programmes!

Our next META-Health Mentoring Day will include:


  • New Material and Knowledge Base Review
  • Troubleshooting and Knowledge Building: Asking your META-Health questions and case study questions
  • META-Health Analysis Process: How to get more specific and pinpoint clients’ core issues quicker
  • Mentored Group Practice - Practise your skills and experience META-Health Analysis for your own health issues

META-Health Professional Mentoring Details


Venue: Online Zoom room


How to book:

You can book for one day, or book two or three days with our EFT and/or META-Kinetics Mentoring for a whole Mentoring Weekend.

The regular rates are: £95 for one day and £175 for two days.

We offer special rates for previous students (those who have completed our EFT Level 1 and 2 or Level 3 courses, META-Health Foundation Weekend, META-Health Professional Training or META-Kinetics training).

Previous student rates: £75 for one day, £140 for two days or £195 for all three days.

Advance bookings only. Please choose one of the following options:

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