META-Health Academy Courses

As the UK's longest established and most innovative META-Health training provider, META-Health Academy Ltd offers a range of open Access and Professional certification certification programmes.  These include META-Health, META-Kinetics, EFT, 64 Keys,

Lead Trainers Robert Waghmare, Joanne Ross, Dr Kwesi Anan Odum and Tremayne Reiss have nearly 40 years combined training and developer experience.

Alongside META-Health, we offer courses in the Lüscher Colour System, EFT, 64 Keys and other systems. The META-Health Academy is the home of the developers of META-Kinetics and as such is the only institution offering META-Kinetics training  an entire system that takes META-Health to a quantum level by allowing non-linear analysis through Cyber-Kinetic enquiry

META-Health Certification Trainings

Being leading developers aswell as trainers. We provide a broad and deep selection of accredited META-Health training programmes. META-Health is a revolutionary approach to understanding how our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, health and personal development are fully integrated.

EFT Certification Trainings

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple, non-intrusive, method of defusing emotional issues and releasing the stresses people may feel in everyday life.

Colour Psychology Training

Learn the language of colour. Colour Psychology enables you to understand the meanings behind our colour preferences and to identify hidden emotional blocks, believes, barriers and desires. The next courses start in autumn 2018

META-Kinetics Certificiation Training

a powerful synthesis of META-Health and Cyberkinetics advanced kinesiology. Exclusively developed by the META-Health Academy, you can learn META-Kinetics with the developers. Take your META-Health practice to the Quantum level. Learn how to communicate directly with your clients bio-field.  META-Kinetics allows it's practitioners to work with an unprecedented level of precision and is powerful source for evolving your understanding of META-Health and Mind-body medicine.

64keys Training

Discover your talents, motivations and potentials. 64keys offers a comprehensive system for understanding oneself. It is based on the Human Design System and offers a powerful and practical synthesis of tried and tested systems including the Enneagrams, the I-Ching, Astrology and the Kabbalah.