Become a META-Kinetics Master Practitioner! On this cutting-edge course, you’ll go beyond protocols, using META-Kinetics flexibly, creatively and intuitively.

  • Have you done META-Kinetics Level 2?
  • Have you gained certification or are you working towards completing your case studies?
  • Are you keen to go beyond protocol and develop your own style and approach?
  • Are you looking to deepen your skills, understanding and intuition with META-Kinetics?

On the META-Kinetics Master Practitioner programme, you will deepen your understanding, skill and competence – and move into META-Kinetics creation!

The course is open to those who have trained as a META-Kinetics Advanced Practitioner and have done some professional training in META-Health (Practitioner or Master Practitioner level), as it includes working with advanced META-Health material.

Why join the META-Kinetics Master Practitioner Programme

On the META-Kinetics Master Practitioner course, you’ll...

  • Go beyond standard protocols, using META-Kinetics flexibly in response to each client’s needs
  • Learn how to make META-Kinetics an integral scientific framework for all the work you do – enquiry, therapy and coaching
  • Use META-Kinetics to explore complex META-Health cases and scope and detail the realtionships between thoughts feelings behaviours constellations dis-ease processes and healing
  • Learn a new energetic method for loading and correcting
  • Find out how to create your own META-Kinetics protocol

I found the course just amazing, I can't wait to use the new protocols. It is so powerful and goes so deep, allowing a profound investigation into people's issues. I highly recommend it to whoever is interested in uncovering the deep stuff underneath health issues!

The course was super, lots of practice with very core stuff (so loads of time to work on our stuff), I found the supervision good and good time to express and discuss troubleshooting. The scan charts and manual are lovely!

Gaetana Tonti, META-Health Coach and PhD in Genetic Research

META-Kinetics Master Practitioner Course Content

The META-Kinetics Advanced Practitioner course takes place in three modules of three days. Each weekend combines theory, discussions, demonstrations and practice – plus opportunities to uncover and release the stress behind your own issues!


On META-Kinetics Master Practitioner Programme - Level 3, you’ll:

  • Take META-Kinetics to the level of META-Health Researcher and Consultant
  • Learn how to use META-Kinetics to uncover what a client needs and form precise META-Therapy plans
  • Discover how to integrate META-Kinetics with therapy, and use it to determine your therapeutic direction
  • Use META-Kinetics to uncover clients’ constellations, and find the root cause and meaning behind them
  • Learn how to identify, model and name previously unidentified constellations!
  • Elicit core beliefs with META-Kinetics Emotional Pattern Elicitation and Core Belief enquiry
  • Go beyond manual stress loading and correcting with Command Structure
  • Create your own META-Kinetics protocols

The META-Kinetics Master Practitioner course is taught by Robert Waghmare, Tremayne Reiss and Joanne Ross, co-creators and developers of META-Kinetics.

META-Kinetics Master Practitioner - Upcoming Course Details

Dates: Spring 2018 – please email us to register your interest

Time: 9.30am - 6.30pm

Venue: St Johns Hotel, Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 1AT

Booking: Advance booking is essential.

Places are limited to due to space & couch restrictions.

Book your place today and join the META-Health professional elite.

You can book your place via PayPal below, or pay by credit direct transfer (please call for details). Bookings are not-refundable but maybe transferable to other dates and/or courses in exceptional circumstances.

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