META-Kinetics Mentoring Day

Boost your confidence with META-Kinetics, gain new techniques and develop your skills - join our META-Kinetics Mentoring Day!

  • Are you a META-Kinetics student, Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner or Master Practitioner?
  • Would you like to deepen your skills and practise with fellow Practitioners?
  • Are you keen to benefit from balances on your own goals and issues?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your work with META-Kinetics. This special day complements our META-Kinetics training programmes, giving you invaluable experience, along with support and advice from the Developers of META-Kinetics. It is open to those who are already qualified in META-Kinetics or currently working towards Practitioner status.

Why Join Our META-Kinetics Mentoring Day?

The day is designed to support you in your META-Kinetics practice by providing:

  • New tips, approaches and techniques to streamline your practice
  • Opportunities to troubleshoot difficulties or challenges and find solutions
  • Practice with the different META-Kinetics protocols
  • Personal mentoring from the Developers of META-Kinetics, Robert, Tremayne and Joanne
  • A supportive environment to go 'off piste' and experiment with your muscle testing and enquiry
  • Opportunities to ask your META-Kinetics and META-Health questions - and get answers from the trainers and fellow Practitioners
  • And of course, all the benefits of receiving META-Kinetics balances for yourself!

Your META-Kinetics Master Trainers

Robert, Joanne and Tremayne will all be on hand to support you on the Mentoring Day. Together with the late Alan Sales, Robert, Joanne and Tremayne are the co-developers of META-Kinetics.

The trio have been teaching others how to use this incredible system since 2010. They each bring unique qualities to their courses, with Robert's deep understanding, Tremayne's mastery of Kinesiology and Joanne's ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable 'chunks'. Together they ensure that their courses are enjoyable, inspiring and transformational!

Robert and Joanne are Senior Master Trainers in META-Health and have been teaching META-Health since 2007. They are on the Advisory Board for the International META-Medicine Association, and are actively furthering the development of the field, with META-Kinetics and other innovations including the Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process and the forthcoming Fusion Energetics Approach.

Robert, Joanne and Tremayne are continually innovating and evolving their understanding through this incredible system of mind-body-social enquiry - and passionate about sharing this with their trainees!

META-Kinetics Mentoring Day Testimonials

Amazing day - lots of useful and intuitive practical support from the tutors (to whom nothing is ever too much trouble), the usual dollop of healing and, of course, I just love hanging out with you all!

Eleanor Hatherley, Pixle

It was a wonderful experience to be with such an amazing awakened group. Love and healing are inevitable in this emergent paradigm.

Marion Bevington, Stage Fright Away

It was a very supportive environment and the surrogate testing done for me was accurate!'

Roni Flatley, Feel Good For Life

What Will We Do On The META-Kinetics Mentoring Day?

meta-kinetics-students-celebratingEach Mentoring Day provides opportunities for meeting and sharing with fellow therapists, health professionals, META-Kinetics Practitioners, META-Health Coaches, Trainers and Master Trainers.

The META-Kinetics Mentoring Day includes:

  • New and useful tips, techniques and approaches to enhance your practice
  • Discussion and troubleshooting - opportunities to ask your questions, discuss any difficulties and get advice from your trainers and fellow trainees
  • Practice - opportunities to use the various META-Kinetics Protocols to develop your skills and confidence in a safe and supportive environment
  • Balances - opportunities to receive META-Kinetics sessions with other Practitioners to uncover your hidden blocks, gain insights, release stress and further your own healing journey!

The content of our META-Kinetics Mentoring Days is based on participants' requests and desires. So let us know - what would help you to develop your META-Kinetics practice most? Let us know what you really want to learn and have it included in this or future Mentoring Day programmes!

META-Kinetics Mentoring Day Details


The next Mentoring Day will be scheduled for 2018 - to register your interest, please email us at


St Johns Hotel, 651 Warwick Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1AT

How to book:

You can book for one day, or book two or three days with our EFT and/or META-Health Mentoring for a whole Mentoring Weekend.

We offer special rates for those who have previously studied with us (those who have completed our EFT Level 1 and 2 or Level 3 courses, META-Health Foundation Weekend, META-Health Professional Training or META-Kinetics training).

Previous student rates: £75 for one day, £140 for two days or £195 for all three days. Advance bookings only. Please choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Click on the Book Now button below to pay online

Option 2: Make a cheque or direct payment - please email or call 0845 838 6787 for details

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