64keys Advanced Course

Remember your Future

The 64 Keys Foundation is a prerequisite to attending this training

Welcome to 64keys Advanced Workshop

The 64keys advanced course is about understanding of Self and a guide to joyful and peaceful living. Self-knowledge is the beginning and the end of all knowledge.

What is 64keys and how can it help me?

64keys shows every one of us that we are unique and that we have a specific purpose why we came into existence. In the advanced course we are going to explore the 5 fundamental principles governing our lives. The 5 principles show us our unique pattern in life and enable us to reconnect with the genius within us, to be successful, to achieve "self-defined goals".

Who is the course for?

This is an in depth course about the spiritual anatomy of WoMan. Graduates of the 64keys Fundamental Course and Students with profound Human design knowledge are welcome. All participants are required to have engaged in prior personal development work on themselves and be willing to take self-responsibility.

64keys Advanced Course Testimonials

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Your Trainer - Dr Kwesi Anan Odum

Dr Kwesi is the creator of META-Vision and a world-leading authority in META-Health for understanding the mental and emotional causes of eye conditions. He is one of the nineteen worldwide 64keys Experts, as well as being a Lüscher Colour Master Trainer, META-Health Master Trainer and medical doctor specialising in Ophthalmology.

Dr Kwesi has studied 64keys with the developers in Austria, and was part of the first group to use the 64keys software. He now integrates this understanding with various systems, including Astromedicine and Lüscher, to give you a deep understanding of humanity and our own unique natures.

Dr Kwesi's training style is both relaxed and richly informative, and he invites and supports all participants to get the most from his courses.

It's a privilege to have Dr Kwesi introducing this material to us, and we hope you take this opportunity to share in a course that's bound to have a deep and profound effect on all those who attend, providing us with many answers to the deeper questions in life.

What will I gain from the course?

This unique and experiential 3-day programme synthesises education in the 64keys with individual enquiry and coaching based on your own chart. The best way to understand and experience one's own chart is to view the chart within the perspective of the 5 Principles Governing WoMan's life.

  • The Why Behind WoMan's Actions
  • WoMan's Self-Identity
  • The Will
  • Woman's Power
  • Woman's Knowledge Of reality

Course dates, times and venues


In order to use the 64keys design as a means of ordering our thinking and emotions it is necessary to understand the complementary relationships between certain modalities of our designs. The following principles of 64keys are being shared:

  • Repetition of 64keys basics: 9 Centres, Type, Profile, Gates, Roles (Channels)
  • How to read a Chart
  • Incarnation Cross
  • Talent
  • Motivation
  • Perspective
  • Mercury Sequence (Developed by Dr. Kwesi)

Individual Development

The I Ching is known as the book of changes. Transformation is our nature. We are born with a specific design and are here to live it. Through the various interactions in the world our designs are being influenced every day from the outside and therefore we must adapt to life with what is inside of us. In the advanced course you will understand how what happened in your life is linked to your design. 64keys, the living matrix, shows us where we have a fixed Self-Image and what new possibilities we can create in our lives. Even the specific way of how and when to  transform can be deducted from the potentials in our designs. Dr Kwesi is going to introduce you to this important aspect.

Experiential Learning

The course will include varied activities for experiential learning, such as:

  • Meditation on the Centers
  • Personal exercises tailored to individual's charts
  • Observation and discussion of celebrities' charts and interactions to further your understanding

64keys Software & Reports

The 64keys software, on which the charts are created, is available by annual subscription through the developers of 64keys at www.64keys.com.

At the time of writing, 64keys offers a free 2 month trial, followed by an annual subscription of €360 for the English version, available from the end of September 2016 (an upgraded version will also be available).

Please note! The 64keys website also offers a 34-page comprehensive personal reports for €150. If you want your report, as an attendee of the Foundation Training, you can get it through Dr Kwesi for £50. If you would like it before you attend the course, please email us so it can be arranged.

64keys Advanced Course Details

64 Keys course dates, times and venues

This course builds on the understanding of the Foundation Course, taking you more deeply into the 64keys and your own chart. The Foundation Course is a pre-requisite.

Price: Regular price £495 - Book before October 1st to get the Early Bird price - £425 (save £70)

For further enquiries, to book or register your interest in the 64keys Advanced Course please email us using this link.

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