META-Kinetics Advanced Practitioner

Level 2 Practitioner Training

  • Happy META-Kinetics 2A students at the end of the training


  • Rob and Tremayne teaching a section on enquiry


  • Group practicing of mind-body enquiry and Cyberkinetic balancing skillsets


The completion of META-Health Foundation and META-Kinetics Practitioner Training are pre-requisites for this training

Advance your META-Health Professional Practice

Take your META-Kinetics practice to the next level!

  • Have you enjoyed using and developing the skills from META-Kinetics Practitioner programme?
  • Are you looking to enhance your skill and deepen your META-understandings?
  • Would you benefit from learning new protocols and expanding your META-Kinetics repertoire?

The META-Kinetics Advanced Practitioner programme (Level 2) enables you to gain a deeper level of META-Health understanding and application, through further development of enquiry skills and enhanced META-Kinetics competence.  This course is open to those who have successfully completed META-Kinetics Level Practitioner training and are ready for more!

Why join the META-Kinetics Advanced Practitioner training?

  • Gain advanced META-Health and Cyberkinetics synthesis tools and approaches to streamline and make your practice more successful
  • Learn the most advanced form of META-Health Non-Linear Health Analysis using META-Kinetics
  • Identify how different symptoms are interconnected
  • Learn and practice more advanced questioning approaches using muscle testing to calibrate the truth
  • More accurate identificatio and defining of client's core issues
  • Learn how explore the Chakra and Meridian Systems to identify imbalances, uncover the meanings and strengthen clients' energy systems
  • Use Integrative Balancing – connect Meridians and Chakras with META-Health data
  • Explore key META-Programmes and balance them

The Investment

£795 per person for each 3-day module

Includes Certification Process

Book Part A and B together and save £100 (Parts A & B must be completed to qualify)

Discounts are available for groups and META-Kinetics students and Practitioners wishing to refresh their knowledge and receive further guidance.

Places are limited for each META-Kinetics course because of the amount of space required for all the massage tables that are used to practice on, so book early to secure your place.


What META-Kinetics Advanced students have been saying

  • It was an amazing course. Great Trainers, powerful new tools, lots of personal work and lots of fun! I just did my first Meta Programs and non-linear enquiry... my client was very happy and this ‘stuff’ of Meta Programs is great as people resonate with it very much. This guy was very interested in it and it was operating in ALL contexts of his life! Thanks for the amazing stuff!
    Gaetanna Tonti, PhD GeneticsMETA-Health Master Practitoner and Trainer, Italy
      Gaetanna Tonti, PhD Genetics
  • Being able to piece together seemingly random health issues with emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, patterns of behaviour - and knowing the information came from the clients unconscious, revealed at the right time - revealing to THEM what was previously consciously unconnected - awesome stuff!
    Roni FlatleyMETA-Health Master Practitioner and Trainer
      Roni Flatley
  • It is the most accurate enquiry tool I have ever encountered. It’s easy and fun to use, and means I can rely on higher guidance. Using META-Kinetics enables me to constantly learn and expand my awareness and understanding of the nature of human behaviours and dis-ease programmes and on how to have the best impact for the client
    Gerome LallemandMETA-Health Coach and Trainer, France
      Gerome Lallemand
  • Do it. It’s truly amazing and exciting! You will find out so much about yourself and how to learn about and put into practice a more precise form of kinesiology. As a diagnostic tool it provides so much hidden information for the client to consider and work on. I have found that people who have spent years working on an issue have suddenly found the information that can transform their lives. Learning how to balance chakras and meridians and further develop your skills is an opportunity not to be missed
    Maggie LangtonEnergist, UK
      Maggie Langton

META-Kinetics course dates

META-Kinetics Advanced Practitioner - Course Content

The META-Kinetics Advanced Practitioner course takes place in two three-day parts. Each weekend combines theory, discussions, demonstrations and practice – plus opportunities to uncover and release the stress behind your own issues and challenges!

On Part A you’ll:

  • Learn how to work with the energy system and how the energy system connects to META-Health
  • Use 15 different muscles to assess the vitality of the Meridian system
  • Identify the causes and correct imbalances in the Meridians and Chakras
  • Develop your understanding of effective questioning
  • Learn how to use the Systemic Enquiry questioning process
  • Gain refinements to streamline and speed up your balances
  • Do Integrative Balancing – synthesise Meridian and Chakra information with META-Health data

On Part B, you’ll:

  • Learn how to work in a non-linear and systemic way
  • Gain a higher-level understanding of META-Kinetics
  • Find out why we need to use non-linear approaches to health and personal development
  • Do Non-Linear Enquiry to explore the interconnectedness of clients’ issues
  • Use META-Kinetics and questioning to form accurate linguistic statements that encapsulate the key nature of a problem
  • Elicit Meta Programmes – core ways of thinking, behaving and being – that affect us across all life areas
  • Stress load and balance these issues for greater peace and vitality
  • Do a Synthesis session bringing together Level 1 and 2 protocols

META-Kinetics Advanced Practitioner (Level 2) is taught by Robert Waghmare, Tremayne Reiss and Joanne Ross, co-creators of META-Kinetics and the only META-Kinetics Trainers in the world

Booking Details

Booking: Advance booking is essential.

Places are limited to due to space & couch restrictions. Book your place today and join the META-Health professional elite. You can book your place via Paypal below, or pay by direct transfer (please call for details).

Please Note Parts A & B must be completed to qualify for certification process

NB. Bookings are non-refundable but are transferable to other dates and/or courses in exceptional circumstances.

META-Kinetics Advanced Practitioner Course Investment

£795 per person for each 3-day module

Book Part A and B together and save £100

Discounts are available for groups and META-Kinetics students and Practitioners wishing to refresh their knowledge and receive further guidance.

Places are limited for each META-Kinetics course because of the amount of space required for all the massage tables that are used to practice on, so book now to secure your place.