META-Health Master Practitioner Training

  • META-Health Academy Master Practitioner Cohort

The META-Health Practitioner Training is a pre-requisite to attend this course

META-Health Master Practitioner Programme

By joining Robert and Joanne, you will be joining two of the  leading Master Trainers in the world who actually developed the Master Practitioner syllabus. Take your META-Health knowledge, understanding, skills and application to the next level: a must for all META-Health Practitioners and trainers

Why join this course?

  • Do you know you could take your META-Health knowledge and understanding deeper?
  • Are you looking to improve your META-Health Analysis skills to get to core issues more elegantly, confidently and quickly?
  • Would you like a deeper understanding of constellations and complex health issues and how to work with them?
  • Would you benefit from learning how to do non-linear enquiry and addressing the interconnected nature of health issues?
  • Are you keen to go beyond META-Health Analysis and work on solutions?
  • Would you like to support and motivate clients to achieve greater wellness?
  • Are you eager to develop a complete skills-set and gain tools in META-Therapy Planning, Transformational Therapy and Coaching?
  • Do you want to set up a successful META-Health coaching practice?

Join us for a unique and transformational Master Practitioner course with two of the world's leading META-Health Senior Master Trainers.

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Our META-Health Master Practitioner Training Programme includes:

  • 6+ month professional training and certification programme centred around:
  • 3 x live 5-day modules = 15 days (130 hrs) of integrative META-Health Analysis, therapy, coaching and based upon experiential learning, demonstrations and live case studies
  • 6 months' webinars for Q & A and mentored practice sessions
  • Transformational Health and Spiritual awareness training
  • Learn Advanced META-Health Analysis, META-Therapies and META-Health coaching theory, philosophy and advanced awareness
  • Practical hands-on skill development and mentoring
  • Access to individual and group support before, during and after the training modules, including regular webinars and email support
  • Your course manual and all course materials
  • Practical testing - including individual test preparation and detailed feedback
  • Achieve a professional qualification on successful completion of the course: IMMA META-Health Master Practitioner
  • Training with two of the world's only Senior Master Trainers and developers in META-Health Methods

Features unique to this training

  • Advancing META-Health and coaching theory, philosophy and advanced awareness
  • Understanding META-Health as an application of systems thinking and Cybernetics and what this means to the world of Medicine, personal development, Coaching Therapy and even Spirituality
  • NEW META-Health coaching and Therapeutic techniques including
    • Health Thresholds Model and Methodology
    • META-Health Analysis methodology - Going Beyond the 12 Steps
    • META-Health Non Linear Health Analysis
    • Stress/Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process TM
    • META-Parts Modelling TM
    • META-Parts Integration TM
    • META- Quantum Linguistic Modelling TM
    • META - Quantum Linguistic Processing TM
    • META-Therapy Planning
    • META-Health Coaching
  • Practical hands-on skill development and mentoring from probably the most experienced Master Trainers in the world. With over 12 solid years of application with clients
  • Exclusive demonstrations of META-Kinetics, an advanced META-Health innovation
  • Daily energy-building exercises and meditation with advanced brain wave entrainment

Some Master Practitioner Testimonials

  • As a Complementary Therapist, I was always looking for a holistic approach to health which was more grounded and scientific - something I could easily explain to my clients. I have found that with the META-Health Academy. Beginning the Health Master Practitioner Training just made so much sense; it was the missing link for me. This is the analytical & Transformative toolkit  I had always been looking for, which as it turned out superceded the therapies that I already used. No I can address root causes and help my clients to remove their symptoms more completely, rather than just helping them to feel better for a short while. This amazing training programme has also helped me to understand my own health issues and address them with a purely natural, organic and conscious approach. I am now much stronger, fitter, and I have more energy than ever! I have developed a passion for META-Health and have a strong desire to share this information. It has changed my life, and now I aim to do the same for others. I’m looking forward to my new career as a META-Health Practitioner and Trainer with a joy and enthusiasm that even surprises me!
    EFT Advanced Practitioner, Angelic Reiki Master, Energetic NLP, Meta tronic Healing & META-Health Master Practitioner.
  • Training with Robert and Joanne has transformed my life. Since I started my training,  I have experienced a transformational level of personal growth. I have now got a better understanding of my own health issues and I have let go of a lot of fear and anxiety. These programmes have helped me understand so much about our body-mind and how our symptoms are always meaningful. I would recommend META-Health professional journey to anyone as the courses that the META-Health Academy offer are amazing. Not only do you get a deeper understanding of the human body but you also learn how to facilitate changes at a core level as a META-Health Professional. I recommend the Practitioner and Masters Programmes because they are enlightening, informative, healing, therapeutic, transformational and also great fun ...
    Karen FrenchSocial Worker & META-Health Master Practitioner
      Karen French
  • Attending the META-Health Master Practitioner training has been a profound experience.  The depth and quality of the training has really enabled me to deepen my understanding of META-Health, and how to support clients through their healing journey through the use of interventions and coaching.  I have also grown as a person, and deepened my own healing journey.  I am grateful to be in the position where I am experiencing first-hand how the Regeneration Phase feels, with the inner knowledge that my body is bringing about harmony and balance, and I look forward to supporting others on their journey
    Linsey ToddMETA-Health Master Practitioner
      Linsey Todd

Your META-Health Master Trainers

Joanrob_300Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross IMMA Advisory Board Members and META-Health Master Trainers. They have a combined 20 years' experience training META-Health and are leading developers of META-Health methods. They are major contributors to the International META-Health Practitioner and Master Practitioner Standards and syllabus.

Their innovations include META-Kinetics, the Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process,  bio-psycho-social-spiritual Thresholds Model and the META-Meanings.

Robert's personal and professional interest in health, spirituality and  personal development started more than 15 years ago. His background in engineering, information systems research, consultancy and orgsniational change has contributed towards developing a deep, practical and integrated understanding of energy psychology (EFT), NLP and META-Health. This has culminated in the application of Cybernetic and Systemic research methods to META-Health and innovations in mind-body healing methods.

Robert has trained in and synthesises many advanced systems including NLP, EFT, Matrix Energetics, Spiral Dynamics, the Human Design System, Access Consciousness and DBM (Developmental Behavioural Modelling).

Joanne's background in teaching and coaching ensures that all learners get the most out of our training experience with a variety of learning styles and activities. Joanne integrates EFT, NLP, Coaching, META-Kinetics and other advanced systems within her work as a coach and trainer. She is also an experienced writer, having published over 50 articles on META-Health and related personal development subjects.

Robert and Joanne have been working with META-Health since 2005 and teaching META-Health since 2007. Their experience, combined with their deep understanding and integrative approach to health and personal development, ensures that participants gain the maximum personal and professional benefits from their courses.

META-Health Master Practitioner Testimonials

Susan Ackworth
Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Terhi Kallo
EFT Practitioner & Massage Therapist

Meena Ackbarally
38 Year NHS Veteran

Roni Flatley
EFT & NLP Practitioner

Who is the Accrediting Organisation?

The non-profit International META-Medicine Association (IMMA) controls the standards and quality of META-Health Practitioner and Master Practitioner training and education and is responsible for the accreditation and certification process of all META-Health Practitioners, Master Practitioners, META-Doctors and META-Health Trainers worldwide.

The IMMA Mission Statement is: "The transformation of medicine and health care into an integral & holistic art and science, promoting physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health"

The META-Health Master Practitioner Training Programme

The META-Health Master Practitioner Training is the most advanced approach in Integrative Health Coaching available in the world today. As a META-Health Master Practitioner you will learn a how to apply a unique synthesis of mind-body enquiry, emotional healing and personal development which integrates and transcends existing coaching and therapy models. Becoming a licensed META-Health Master Practitioner will give you an unrivalled awareness and practical ability to work with the mind-body-social and behavioural nature of your clients' health, developmental and achievement issues and goals.

Full completion of this programme will qualify and enable you to understand and use the mind-body-social connection and develop a fully integrative approach to health & personal development and achievement.

On this course, you will:

  • Gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of META-Health Analysis and theory
  • Learn how to do non-linear enquiry and work with the interconnected nature of health issues
  • Enhance your enquiry with Systemic Questioning and the Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process
  • Develop an understanding of complex health issues and Constellations, and learn how to work with Constellations
  • See demonstrations and participate in practical sessions in META-Health enquiry, coaching and transformational therapy
  • Discover how to ask effective questions to get to the root cause of any issue
  • Gain questioning tools to motivate clients to change and reframe their thinking
  • Gain skills in coaching clients to wellness and creating effective META-Therapy plans
  • Integrate META-Health with powerful change techniques from EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and DBM (Developmental Behavioural Modelling)
  • Develop skills in transformational therapy, conflict resolution and releasing core patterns
  • Find out how to set up your own META-Health practice, and overcome your inner barriers to success

The course combines theory, discussion, demonstrations of META-Health enquiry and therapy, practice and reflection in order to maximise your learning and development.

It is a highly experiential course in which you'll have opportunities to uncover and address your own blocks to wellness and success as well as gaining mentored practice in working with others.

META-Health Master Practitioner Training Programme Overview

Each training module includes:

  • Integral health training exercises for body-mind integration and energy building
  • Demonstrations of META-Health Analysis processes, META-Health coaching and transformational therapies
  • Taught elements and problem-based experiential learning
  • Lots of fun, including a movie night and social evenings each module
  • NEW developments not available with any other Trainers in the world such as META-Kinetics, the Emotional Pattern Eliciation process and Cybernetics - plus get the heads up to a brand NEW complete analysis, coaching and therapy system that's top secret and achieving great results with our clients

Course content typically includes:

  • Working with Constellations and Complex Health Issues - Gain an in-depth understanding of the emotional and bio-logical meanings of Constellations and complex health issues, understand psychological issues and constellations, including anxiety, bipolar, aggressive mania, asthma, anorexia, depression and bulimia, and learn how to work with these issues
  • Beliefs and Health - Understand the role of beliefs in creating health issues and determining our ability to heal. You will discover why beliefs are key to health and healing, learn how to identify limiting beliefs and gain tools for challenging and changing them. You'll gain practice in extending and going beyond META-Health Analysis by identifying the key limiting beliefs and decisions behind health issues
  • The Role of Emotions - Going beyond the standard META-Health understanding of the emotional connection to symptoms, we will introduce the latest research into the central function of emotions in all of our responses and behaviour. You will also learn why emotional release is key to health and healing
  • Non-Linear Enquiry and the Emotional Stress Pattern Elicitation Process - Learn our advanced process that works with any presenting problem. If a client has no phsiological symptoms, you can use this process to get into the deeper meanings behind any life stressor. The Emotional Stress Pattern Elicitation Process enables you to quickly and accurately identify and model the causal belief patterns, emotions and behaviours behind a problem, and use this information to go straight into therapy.
  • META-Health and Transformational Therapy - Go beyond META-Health Analysis and learn how to integrate META-Health with transformational approaches from NLP, EFT and our own developments. Learn how to model, identify and resolve the inner causes and conflicts behind a dis-ease process. Participate in supervised practice sessions integrating META-Health enquiry with transformative therapy
  • Integrate Enquiry and Therapy - Learn how to identify and release the emotions, beliefs and patterns behind chronic health issues. Use transformational tools with META-Health to help clients make profound changes, and practice with fellow trainees. Gain personal experience in advanced approaches to healing and personal development. Learn how to apply your current therapies more precisely and successfully within the META-Health Coaching framework, and unlock your own and clients' healing potential
  • Wellness Coaching - Shift the focus from illness to health. What do your clients want to achieve and how can they get there? How can you co-create a compelling future without the health issues? How can you ensure the motivation to stay on track? You will learn how to integrate META-Health enquiry with Wellness Coaching skills, tools and techniques. Understand how to get clients motivated and focused on positive future outcomes.
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning - Develop META-Health Coaching skills to enable clients to set and achieve their health and life goals, explore options, overcome self-limiting beliefs, change their behaviours and take action with the GROW model, Wheel of Wellness and effective coaching approaches
  • META-Therapy Planning and Soul-utions - Deepen your understanding and practice of META-Therpy Planning, developing skills in co-creating effective strategies for healing at all levels. Learn how to identify the spiritual meanings behind issues and create Soul-utions to core issues
  • Questioning skills - Learn how to ask powerful questions for changing clients’ perceptions, beliefs and emotional responses, and transform self-limiting beliefs
  • Working with clients - Learn how to structure your work with clients within each session and how to structure your META-Health coaching programmes to ensure maximum results and help clients to achieve their health, life and personal development goals
  • Business development - Where do you want to take your META-Health practice? What are your obstacles and barriers, and how can you overcome them? Gain business development tips, find out how to structure your work with clients and use your coaching skills to help yourself and fellow META-Health Practitioner Trainees to set meaningful goals, identify and overcome barriers and take action to build your successful META-Health practice

META-Health Master Practitioner Certification

To qualify and become a licensed META-Health Master Practitioner the following requirements have to be met:

  • Prerequisite: META-Health Practitioner
  • Additional 125 hours (total 250 hours of training) over 6 months
  • Additional 75 hours practice, supervision or live training
  • Highly competent at META-Health Analysis and META-Therapy
  • Confident in advanced META-Therapy incl. Trigger-Emotion Release Technique and Emotional Pattern Elicitation
  • Minimum 6 month practice with own clients in own practice
  • 20 comprehensive client cases with at least 10 successful META-Healing cases
  • Certification by IMMA based on Master Trainer recommendation
  • Practical testing by Master Trainer(s)

Gain A Unique Business Opportunity:

  • Start a new profession representing the best in the future of integrative and holistic health care and medicine
  • Join the growing international network of META-Health Master Practitioners and Coaches
  • Create a niche within your field by being one of the first to use this ground-breaking approach
  • Integrate META-Health coaching within your existing practice and improve your therapeutic results
  • Start a new business as a META-Health Master Practitioner
  • Following successful completion of the META-Health Practitioner Training, you can join the META-Health Trainers’ Training. This will enable you to offer evening seminars and talks, and, when you're ready, META-Health Introductory weekends
  • Alongside or after your META-Health Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training, you are able to join the META-Kinetics Training, taking your diagnostic skill to an even deeper level with Advanced Kinesiology skills and methodology

Top 3 Benefits of Completing the META-Health Master Practitioner Training With Us

  1. Develop and deepen your understanding and skills in the most advanced approach to mind-body-analysis and accelerated personal development in the world today, with two of the world's leaders in META-Health
  2. Gain a complete package - develop advanced skills as an Integrative META-Health Coach and Therapist as well as deeper META-Health enquiry skills, to assist clients more comprehsively and get faster, more precise and deeper more permanent results than ever possible before
  3. Gain understanding and learning unavailable on any other course, including a Systems approach to META-Health Analysis and Therapy and learn the Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process with the developers

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