META-Health Academy Talks

Join a live Introductory Talk

Join one of our world leading developers and Master trainers and for inspiring, eye and mind opening introductory talk and get a taste of what we have to offer you.  Alongside META-Health, we offer talks on META-Kinetics, EFT, 64 Keys and other systems that facilitate the learner toward accelerated integrative health and personal development.

META-Health Introductory Talk

  • Do you think that germs, genetics or wear and tear is the cause of symptoms?
  • Do you think that health wellbeing is composed of exercise and nutrition or good/bad luck?
  • Have heard about the evidence that stress is causal in 98% of symptoms.
  • What causes someone to get stressed?
  • Why do different people with the same stimulus react completely differently?
  •  How does all of the above relate to evolutionary, personal or even spiritual development?

To find out how all the above concepts are connected and see an Amazing  demonstration of META-Health Analysis join Robert Senior META-Health Senior Consultant, Master Trainer and leading developer.


EFT Introductory Talk Series - NEW -

Join an introductory Talk to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with our EFT Master Trainer Robert Waghmare. Robert has over 10 years experience with training and practitioner experience.  Robert is also a developer of  "Energy Psychology" questioning methodologies.

EFT  is a simple, and non-intrusive, method of defusing emotional issues by asking clear questions and tapping on specific meridian points which has the effect of releasing the stresses and negative emotions that people can suffer from in everyday life.

You too can learn how to go beyond emotional self management and let go of negative emotions, thoughts and feelings such as Anger, sadness, grief, fears and phobias, anxieties.

EFT is Internationally gaining recognition as an advanced modality for the treatment of trauma, PTSD as well as many other Body-mind issues.

META-Kinetics - World Exclusive Talk

  • Do you think your body is just a machine?
  • Have you ever considered that the body was intelligent?
  • Is your body still evolving?
  • Have you ever felt that your body has mind of its own?
  • Would you like to know what the mind of your body has to say?
  • What if your body knows what it and you require more than anyone else in the world?
  • What if you could access some of that information?

META-Kinetics is incredible almost magical development in mind-body medicine. An exclusive proprietary development of the META-Health Academy Ltd.  This is a practical application of META-Health based on advanced Kinesiology, systems theory and cybernetics. You will learn about and see META-Kinetics demonstrated with one the original developers.

EFT Introductory Talk Series - NEW -

Discover your talents, motivations and potentials. 64keys offers a comprehensive system for understanding oneself. It is based on the Human Design System and offers a powerful and practical synthesis of tried and tested systems including the Enneagrams, the I-Ching, Astrology and the Kabbalah.

Science of Colour Psychology - NEW -

Learn the language of colour. Colour Psychology enables you to understand the meanings behind our colour preferences and to identify hidden emotional blocks, believes, barriers and desires. The next courses start in autumn 2018