META-Health Speaker & Trainer Training

Are you ready to take your next step for your META-Health practice:

Train to become a META-Health Speaker and Trainer

The META-Health Practitioner is a prerequisite to attending this training

Why Take this Speaker and Trainer Training?

On this interactive and practical 4-day programme, you’ll gain valuable public speaking skills, benefit from experiential sessions and gain an effective means for growing your business. Also You will

  1. Learn how to teach the key principles of META-Health
  2. Discover how to engage your audience and appeal to different learning styles
  3. Find out how to do successful demonstrations
  4. Gain keys to answering questions confidently
  5. Find out how to overcome challenges
  6. Benefit from therapeutic sessions to identify and release your blocks to confident public speaking
  7. Participate in practical skill-building sessions
  8. Gain an effective way to develop your META-Health practice, become known as an expert and build your business

This unique course brings together Robert and Joanne’s knowledge and experience (20 years) of how to teach and train META-Health effectively with skills and theory on successful public speaking, including how to structure your presentations, how to use body language to strengthen your message and how to overcome common objections and difficulties.

  • The Trainers’ Training was awesome, so much fun. Everything is so easy, once you know how! We all had blocks and barriers to presenting; therefore introducing the therapy section which addressed these issues was invaluable.  I am passionate about Meta-Health and I have a strong desire to share this information and educate those who are ready to hear it.  I am so grateful to Rob and Jo for their unwavering support and guidance in helping me to achieve this goal.
    Jilly Davies Bonnar
  • What a wonderful three days, with amazing people, thank you all for the learning and support, awesome!!!
    Sue Bennet The Mind and Body
  • Great weekend - EVERYONE can be sure that if they choose to learn/study/develop with the META-Health Academy they will receive support far beyond the norm. Thank you Jo and Rob - Love to all from Maggie Meta Health Coach and now Trainer!
    Maggie Carter - Osteopath, META-Health and META-Kinetics Practitioner Brooks Carter Clinic
  • The trainers’ training course is action-packed and intense and will certainly enhance your skills as a presenter and help you plan and prepare outstanding META-Health presentations. Jo and Rob’s expertise and wisdom ensured a quality learning experience, and the mix of practical activities and formal learning made the course fun and enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend this training to all META-Health coaches.
    Jo Trewartha - META-Health Practitioner Student

Your META-Health Master Trainers

Robert and Joanne have formulated and continue to evolve a unique synthesis of philosophies, methodologies and techniques from META-Health, Health Analysis, Life Coaching, Systems research methods, cybernetics, psychotherapy, systemic therapy, NLP, EFT, Energy Psychology, META-Kinetics Advanced Kinesiology and The Human Design System. As such, they have developed unique and unparalleled approach to coaching and therapy.

They are on the Advisory Board for the International META-Medicine Association, and are actively furthering the development of the field, with innovations such as META-Kinetics, the Emotional Pattern Elicitation Process

Robert and Joanne have been teaching META-Medicine and META-Health since 2007, and have shared META-Health principles with thousands of people through their talks, courses and articles. They ensure that participants gain maximum learning and experience, as well as developing a deeper understanding and of course, some transformation of their own!

Who Benefits from this Training?

This is a professional-level course for those with knowledge and experience in using META-Health. The pre-requisite for this course is the META-Health Practitioner Training.

If you're qualified as a META-Health Practitioner, you can achieve META-Health Speaker status after successfully completing this course and requirements.

If you are a META-Health Master Practitioner, you can also work towards META-Health Trainer status after completing the Speaker and Trainer Training.

If you have completed your training with another META-Health Master Trainer, please email us with your details.

Course Content

On the Trainers’ Training, we cover all aspects of how to successfully give talks and presentations including:

  • How to plan each of the 4 sections of your talk
  • How to get into the Presenter State
  • Ways of using body language to support and strengthen your communication
  • What language to use and avoid
  • What to say when talking about yourself and your background
  • How to make your content memorable
  • How to embed stories and metaphors to appeal to the unconscious mind
  • How to engage and involve your audience
  • Methods for appealing to the different learning styles

You’ll gain understanding and skills specific to presenting META-Health including:

  • How to divide the concepts and theory into bite-sized chunks
  • How much information to share
  • How to present different aspects of META-Health
  • What the potential challenges can be and how to overcome them
  • What to do if you get asked difficult questions
  • Tips for choosing your demonstration subjects
  • How to do demonstrations comfortably and successfully
  • Effective ways of organising group activities and discussions
  • How to explain the next steps without embarrassment or fear

You’ll also benefit from:

  • A varied and interactive programme including demonstrations, theory, discussion, videos, practical sessions, opportunities for personal reflection and group activities
  • A step-by-step approach to developing your presentation to make it an easy, effortless and enjoyable experience
  • Group or pair therapy sessions to identify and address your personal blocks, fears and concerns about public speaking
  • Opportunities to practice your skills and hone your style in a safe and supportive environment
  • Peer support, mentoring and advice for developing your own unique and comfortable training style

Qualifying as META-Health Master Practitioner and Trainer

TT_Herbie_certsOn successful completion of the Trainers’ Training and course requirements, you gain qualification as a META-Health Speaker (MH-S), enabling you to deliver META-Health introductory talks.

If you are a META-Health Master Practitioner, the next step after qualifying as a Speaker is META-Health Trainer (MH-T), which enables you to teach META-Health introductory courses of up to 3 days’ duration.

This level is gained after the Trainers’ Training by doing 30+ hours’ worth of talks over a year, and successfully organising and co-presenting one or more META-Health introductory courses with your META-Health Master Trainer(s).

Investment Value

Speaker & Trainer's Training Course (Includes Talk materials): £895

Speaker & Trainer's Training Course Only: £695

Speaker & Trainer's Training Refresher (Previous Students Only): £240