64keys Introductory Talk

Discover how we are all unique in this inspiring talk with Dr Kwesi

What are your questions about humanity and yourself?

Do you ever wonder...

  • What makes everyone so different?
  • Why do I think, feel and act the way I do?
  • What am I really here to do?
  • What hidden abilities, strengths and talents are lying dormant within me?
  • What are my individual challenges, and how can I overcome them?
  • How can I honour myself and others, and build relationships based on mutual understanding?
  • How can I live a life in tune with my nature and find greater peace?

If any of the above resonate with you, this talk is a must!

64keys holds powerful answers to these and many other questions about our unique selves and experience of life, work and relationships. It provides you with your unique blueprint (map) to help guide your own development and evolve consciously.

What is 64keys and how can it help me?

64keys takes you on an adventure into the multidimensional universe in which you recognise your unique nature.

64keys is based on Human Design and combines ancient wisdom traditions (the Tree of Life, Hindu Chakras, Astrology, the I-Ching) with modern science (Genetics, Quantum-Physics, Developmental Psychology).

A complete system describing the unique individuated nature of our consciousness, 64keys enables you to activate knowledge deep within you.

64keys charts give you a map for efficiently navigating your life. By understanding how you function you gain new and profound depth in personal development. Your choices determine your path, and with awareness from 64keys charts, you can transform your future by your choices.

What will I gain from the talk?

In this insightful talk, Dr Kwesi aims to:

  • Give you an overview of the five types: Initiator, Specialist, Builder, Coordinator and Observer, which each have a unique way of being and experiencing the world
  • Introduce the 9 energy centres within the chart, and what it means to have them fixed or open
  • Give examples from the 12 profiles, the deep unconscious patterns and motivational forces that drive our bodies and personalities in our lives
  • Show the 64keys charts of celebrities and what they reveal
  • Show the impact of the charts on partnerships, and how we can get to know our relationship dynamics
  • Provide a greater understanding of our unique nature and how we interact with others
  • Give you a flavour of 64keys in relation to business, romance and personal development
  • Do a live coaching demonstration with a member of the audience
  • And depending on time, answer your questions about your own path, life or relationships!

Dr Kwesi also shares experiences from his own client work.

For example, one Coordinator client in her 40s had a belief that she was as a failure, especially in career, as she'd tried many things yet hadn't been able to find a constant and fulfilling role.

When she found out that her profile implies trial and error, she understood that her past experiences were not failures, but a process of trial and error and a journey towards something new that works. Finally she was able to let go of seeing herself as a failure.

Your Speaker - Dr Kwesi Anan Odum

The talk will be presented by Dr Kwesi Anan Odum.

Dr Kwesi is the creator of META-Vision and a world-leading authority in META-Health for understanding the mental and emotional causes of eye conditions. He is one of the nineteen worldwide 64keys Experts, as well as being a Lüscher Colour Master Trainer, META-Health Master Trainer and medical doctor specialising in Ophthalmology.

Dr Kwesi has studied 64keys with the developers in Austria, and was part of the first group to use the 64keys software. He now integrates this understanding with various systems, including Astromedicine and Lüscher, to give you a deep understanding of humanity and our own unique natures.

It's a privilege to have Dr Kwesi introducing this material to us, and we hope you take this opportunity to share in an evening that's bound to have a deep and profound effect on all those who attend, providing us with many answers to the deeper questions in life.

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