EFT Practitioner Training Course

AAMET Accredited EFT Practitioner Training - Level 2

The completion of EFT Level 1 Training is a prerequisite to attending this training

EFT Practitioner Training - Level 2

Do you want to gain the skills and certification in how to facilitate your clients with this fast and effective approach to dealing with emotional issues of all kinds, based on meridian tapping and energy psychology.

On our 2-day Level 2 Practitioner course, you'll learn how to use EFT, gain the core EFT techniques and approaches, and learn how to apply EFT to a wide range of issues. It is an informative, experiential, enjoyable and often transformational training programme (AAMET Certified).

Attending this programme will enable you to develop the understanding, skills and techniques to:

  • Go beyond stress management and anger management training with EFT
  • Discover and overcome your personal barriers to success
  • Release tension, gain rapid stress relief and learn a profound relaxation technique
  • Help your friends, family, clients and colleagues
  • Use EFT regularly to accelerate your personal development
  • Let go of negative emotions, physical pains, traumatic memories, cravings and more!

Our EFT Practitioner course builds on the Level 1 EFT Foundation course, so the Level 1 course is a pre-requisite to joining this programme.

Robert Sefton Jai Waghmare
Certified AAMET Certified EFT Master Trainer

The founder of the META-Health Academy, Robert is an EFT Master Trainer and Master Practitioner with over 10 years experience working with and developing method of energy and evolutionary psychology.  Robert Lives and works in Solihull where has a very successful client practice.

He is also META-Health Developer, Master Trainer and Consultant. He specialisises in emotional stress, anxiety and trauma release methods and as helped 100's of people overcome complex health issues and reach more of their health, life, relationship and career potential.

Robert has expertise and professional experience combining tools, technques and methdologies from EFT, Energy Psyhology, Evolutionary Psychology, META-Health, META-Kinetics (Advanced Kinesiology of Consciousness), Neuro Linguistic Programming, Brain Working Recursive Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Spiral dynamics, The Human Design Sytem & 64 Keys.

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EFT Practitioner Training

  • "It was the best course I have ever attended! It was life enhancing and innovative. I enjoyed learning with very very nice people, learning more about myself and in a supportive environment. It enhanced my confidence, with lots of opportunity to practice and better understand how EFT works so well. It was interesting as well as inspiring. The commonalities between the group members’ ‘issues’ was particularly interesting There were emotional issues that I thought I'd resolved but as I found out they were still affecting me. I was able to diffuse them with Roberts guidance on using EFT. I’ll use EFT as a tool to help others in my personal life with emotional issues, addictions and phobias, for resolving my own emotional issues, and for work to promote EFT for drug and alcohol workers."
    Stacey Ellen SmithDrug and Alcohol Training Officer
      Stacey Ellen Smith
  • "The course was very interactive, and there was lots of time to practice, so much time, such that it brought up some dormant issues of mine, which needed clearing. There was a lot of practise as a result, I now know the procedures really well. I knew the tapping points before the course, but doing the training brought greater clarity to it all. Things like, how hard to tap, other variations, also learning the movie technique, and others, which I wasn’t aware of. It was amazing to see the release in people from tapping, and the insights that came to them as a result of it. Just amazing, all we have to do is tap! My left wrist had been hurting on and off for a while, and I did tap on it on the weekend course. Although the pain didn’t go straight away, I have found within the next few days, I have not had the pain again. That was amazing, because I have been going to an osteopath to get it sorted for a while, it would go away but come back. Now I have no pain there at all, and it hasn’t come back since. (touch wood!)"
  • "I liked the small group size, meeting like-minded people and the ‘hands-on’ practise. I gained practical skills, knowledge, self-knowledge, self-belief – and some emotional freedom! I resolved my fear of maths!"
    Carole HopeAdvanced Hypnotherapist
      Carole Hope
  • "I found the course very interesting and informative indeed, Rob & Jo are passionate about EFT/Improving health which I found inspirational!  The practical sessions were helpful, it was good practice to work with a range of people on various issues - I was glad to start the journey and work on some of my own issues as well…  The course was professional run but also Rob & Jo are friendly, approachable and warm.  I now feel confident to use the tapping points, and have a good understanding of the process.  We had a great group of people which made the course a real pleasure!

    The practical sessions were good practice as you get to work with various people on a range of issues, it is good to do this in an open and safe environment before venturing out and practicing EFT on other people as it builds your confidence, and helps you get used to how hard/soft you should tap and also gets you used to the tapping points, and how to hold/adjust people so that you can reach them with comfort and ease for both you and your client.

    I found all of the course interesting, and it all made logical sense to me,  but I think the demo that Rob did on me where he helped me to address my neck & shoulder pain (which had been present constantly for around 4 years) really amazed me as I didn’t think that EFT could clear the pain/discomfort of the knotted feeling that I had been carrying round for years literally within a few minutes.  So that, for me, was indisputable proof of EFT and ROb's proficiency!!!

    I am now aware that I have a number of core issued which I have been suppressing for around 30 years.  I have a lot of work ahead of me to clear all of this, but the course has given me renewed hope that I can successfully address these issues and improve my personal development.   My goal is to stop repressing issues and learn to not be afraid to be myself, live life to the full, and understand and believe that I CAN deeply accept and love myself!

    I think that although I was already aware of some of my issues that prevented me from moving forward with my life and self-sabotaging situations, I was stuck and not really sure how I could stop these thoughts/feelings.  The course has given me a direction and belief that I can overcome these negative behaviours, so hopefully I can address these and move forward to a more positive, balanced and happy life"

    Rachel KirkbyPersonal Assitant
      Rachel Kirkby
  • "I was totally overwhelmed by powerful EFT is under the guidance Robert an EFT Master Trainer. I discovered how EFT allows us all to access accesses our deep unconscious feelings and emotions that causw us pain and negativity, and how it is possible to collapse these emotions - thus aiding the healing process from illness and disease ... very powerful stuff! It made me cry and I felt damn good for it!"

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Why consider joining this EFT Practitioner certification training?

  • Learn effective EFT techniques, approaches and short cuts with a Robert who has over 10 years practical experience in training applying EFT integrated with NLP META-health and META-kinetics.
  • Discover how to use EFT to lead groups and "Borrowing Benefits"
  • Learn how to use EFT for physical symptoms - with bonus Introduction to META-Health with a world leading developer and Master Trainer of META-Health
  • Find out how to identify and release core issues quickly
  • Begin to work towards your'e EFT Practitioner status and use EFT to help clients
  • Learn how to use EFT via telephone or internet
NB: You are required to complete EFT Level 1 before joining the Level 2 course.

What you'll get from the EFT Level 2 Course:

  1. Understand the key concepts of Emotional Freedom Techniques and how it goes beyond approaches such as reiki, hypnosis and psychotherapy
  2. Gain practical know how - witness and understand the effect of a balancing a disrupted energy system and access a relaxation therapy
  3. The Basic Recipe - Learn the full EFT protocol, with demonstrations and practice
  4. EFT shortcuts - ways to streamline this already quick and elegant therapy
  5. Techniques to greatly improve the effectiveness of EFT - including dealing with shifting aspects of memories & emotions and special points
  6. TESTING the effectiveness of treatments and how to handle situations that can arise
  7. EXPERIENCE powerful EFT techniques - including the Tearless Trauma Technique, Chasing the Pain and Touch and Breathe
  8. Understanding cognitive shifts - what verbal and physical signs to expect for stress relief
  9. PRACTICE working with various issues & experiencing powerful results of EFT on your own or others issues, and experience working with bothersome memories, fears and phobias, goals and barriers and self-limiting beliefs

EFT Training Level 2 (2 Days) includes…

  1. Understanding how our lives, the people with whom we have interacted, and the situations we have found ourselves in, in the past, become the focus and filters through which we see and experience life now
  2. Using Affirmations with EFT - understanding the reasons why these potentially incredible methods of focusing our intention and creating our desired reality often fail to work. Also how we can use EFT to remove these obstacles and create the future we desire
  3. Additional Tapping Points - other meridian points that can be added to aid EFT treatments
  4. Ways to inject more gentleness into the EFT procedure - The Gentle Techniques - The Tearless Trauma Technique, Chasing the Pain and Sneaking up on the Problem
  5. Ways to Find Core Issues - Questions and techniques to get to the core issues and root causes of physical and emotional problems
  6. Addressing Physical Issues - Methods to get to the core issues and emotional reasons behind physical issues and disease.
  7. Further Methods for Testing Results - determining whether an issue has been completely collapsed and how look for remaining aspects.
  8. Working with EFT by Telephone - the many benefits of using EFT via the telephone
  9. Delivering EFT in Groups - looking at the application, uses and advantages of group tapping
  10. Borrowing Benefits - see and experience the many powerful 'Positive Side Effects' when using EFT in groups

EFT Practitioner Certification requirements - AAMET

After completing an AAMET Level 2 course, EFT students have the option of pursuing AAMET EFT Practitioner Certification. In addition to completion of the Levels 1 and 2 training courses, AAMET requires an intensive mentoring and assessment process for certification. To achieve the level of AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, students must successfully complete the following minimum competency requirements as follows:

EFT Practitioner (Level 2) Certification Requirements - AAMET 2016-2017 +

• Pass the online multiple-choice Practitioner Exam via the AAMET International website. A Practitioner-Candidate (or “Candidate”) must be an AAMET member to access the exam and generally joins as an EFT Student member at this time

• Receive 6 hours supervision/mentoring (either 1-to-1 or in a group of 8 or less) with any AAMET Master Trainer (in the role of Supervising Mentor). Mentoring can be conducted in-person, over the phone, via Skype, or via webinar.

• Submit to Trainer / Supervising Mentor a minimum of 4 case studies: 3 Client Case Studies (on separate individuals) and 1 Personal Case Study. Case studies must demonstrate competent, professional, and individualized* application of foundational EFT skills acquired during EFT Levels 1 and 2 training and post-training practice and experience. *See 2016 EFT Case Study Guidance Manual for further details

• Provide an in-person OR audio OR video demonstration of an EFT session, and discuss this session with Supervising Mentor. This demonstration (and discussion) will count as one Client Case Study

• Complete a minimum of 50 EFT sessions (or “practice hours”) working with at least 20 different individuals. Each EFT session must be a minimum of 45-minutes in length.

• Complete any additional, discretionary requirements as outlined by the AAMET Master Trainer / Supervising Mentor during the certification process.

Mentors may require additional client sessions / practice hours, 1-to-1 mentoring meetings or case studies as needed to complete their assessment Once the Candidate has completed all of the requirements and the Supervising Mentor is confident that Candidate has met the competencies and standards for Practitioner Level set by AAMET, Mentor will inform the AAMET Membership Secretary that all requirements have been met.

The Membership Secretary will then invite the Candidate (via email) to upgrade their membership on from EFT Student to Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner.

EFT Practitioner CPD Requirements +

To maintain AAMET Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner status, members must fulfill annual CPD and supervision/mentoring requirements. CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is 30 hours of EFT-related study (i.e. videos, workshops, books, audio presentations, etc.). Supervision/Mentoring is 6 hours annual mentoring (individual or group of 8 or less) with an AAMET Master Trainer / Supervising Mentor or Approved Supervisor (a Certified, Advanced EFT Practitioner who has been approved by AAMET to offer annual Supervision / Mentoring).

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META-Health Academy 24 Hour Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you will have you an wonderful experience that if you feel within the 1st 24 hours of this training that its not for you. We will refund your training fee in full.  So you literally have No Risk of financial loss.  We can’t promise that you won’t let go of a few limiting beliefs, negative emotions and painful memories though!

Terms and conditions apply. You must notify a member of staff or the lead trainer as soon as you feel triggered, emotionally challenged or come to believe the training isn’t suitable for you.  We will ask you to discuss your reasoning, difficulty or concern. This has to be done within 24 hours of initial contact with the Lead Trainer.  Please Note we’ve never had anyone leave a training.  This guarantee is a symbol of our commitment to you and a demonstration of our confidence to deliver a enjoyable training for everyone involved

EFT Practitioner Booking Details

Please see Calendar for latest course dates, timings and venue information

How to book:

  1. Completing EFT Level 1 is a prerequisite for attending the EFT Level 2 course.
  2. Course Investment: £395 per person. This Includes the cost of certification
  3. If you wish to book EFT Level 1 and Level 2 together the cost is £595. Including case study and practice review certification process
  4. For those wishing to refresh, it is £100 (request discount code) for previous META-Health Academy student and 50% of the course fee for those who have studied with another AAMET Trainer.
  5. Advance bookings only. Click on the Book Now button below to pay online

If you'd like to find out more, please call us on 0845 838 6787 or email us at

We look forward to welcoming you onto the course!