64keys Transformational Foundation Course

Discover and be your uniqueness

We recommended that you attend the 64keys Introductory talk prior to attending this training

Welcome to 64keys

  • Are you keen to discover your inner values, goals and purpose in life?
  • Are you open to receive the gifts of a profound synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science?
  • Would you like to identify your unique strengths, talents and abilities?
  • Are you ready to uncover your inner obstacles and find ways to overcome them?
  • Would you benefit from building stronger relationships through understanding yourself and others?

You're in the right place...

64keys gives us an operating manual for daily living that is in alignment with our spirit. 64keys explains the ultimate why behind our being and how we can fully express our selves and achieve our Self-defined goals.

What is the 64keys and how can it help me?

64keys takes you on an adventure into the multidimensional universe in which you recognise your unique nature.

64keys is based on Human Design and combines ancient wisdom traditions (the Tree of Life, Hindu Chakras, Astrology, the I-Ching) with modern science (Genetics, Quantum-Physics, Developmental Psychology).

A complete system describing the unique individuated nature of our consciousness, 64keys enables you to activate knowledge deep within you.

64keys charts give you a map for efficiently navigating your life. By understanding how you function you gain new and profound depth in personal development. Your choices determine your path, and with awareness from 64keys charts, you can transform your future by your choices.

Who is the 64keys foundation course for?

The course is for people who want to know the fundamentals of 64keys and want to integrate this into their own and clients' transformational processes.

There are no prerequisites in terms of previous learning, but all participants are required to have engaged in prior personal development work on themselves and be willing to take self-responsibility.

What are the benefits of attending 64keys Foundation course?

This unique and experiential 3-day programme synthesises education in the 64keys with personal enquiry and coaching based on your own chart:


In terms of learning, you can expect to grasp all the fundamental principles of 64keys including:

  • The background to 64keys: what it is and how it came into being
  • The five energy types: Initiator, Specialist, Builder, Coordinator and Observer, and their unique ways of being and experiencing the world
  • The features of the 9 energy centres within the chart, and what it means to have them fixed or open
  • The 12 profiles, which provide deep unconscious patterns and motivational forces that drive our bodies and personalities in our lives
  • The role and impact of our talent
  • The 6 perspectives and how they affect our experience of life

This will enable you to explain the basics to your clients, friends and family, and if you're a coach, therapist, or manager, include this awareness within your professional practice.

Individual Development

The course will provide many opportunities for self-awareness and personal change through experiencing your own chart, including:

  • The basics of your own design, including your type, profile and the potentials inherent in your channels
  • The meaning of your fixed centres and open centres, and particularly how they can be conditioned
  • The deeper aspect of your genetic imprinting in the context of your talent
  • Your perspective – how you see the world and the impact this has on you
  • Plus: Experience an exclusive development by Dr Kwesi in identifying the meaning of the inner core hexagrams

Exploration of your key blocks 

There will be opportunities to explore why you have situations in your life where you feel limited, blocked or frustrated.

64keys can reveal and explain the core limiting beliefs of a person that are stopping them from having the success in life that they want – and how to overcome them. These may be in the contexts of personal, professional, financial, relationship or other concerns. 

For those who are open to it, Dr Kwesi will take you through an awareness process to address the issues that are bothering you.

Relationship dynamics

You are invited to also bring the data from family members or other key figures in your life, to gain a better understanding of them, see the patterns between you, and take responsibility for improving your relationships.

Experiential Learning

The course will include varied activities for experiential learning, such as:

  • Personal exercises tailored to individual's charts
  • Questions and answers about different charts and aspects of 64keys
  • Bringing different people together to experience the differences in how they feel in the presence of different energy types, fixed and open centres and dynamics
  • Training perceptions to tune into one’s own energetic profile
  • Observation and discussion of celebrities' charts and interactions to further your understanding

64keys Software & Reports

The 64keys software, on which the charts are created, is available by annual subscription through the developers of 64keys at www.64keys.com.

At the time of writing, they offer a free 2 month trial, followed by an annual subscription of €360 for the English version, available from the end of September 2016 (an upgraded version will also be available).

Please note! The 64keys website also offers 34-page comprehensive personal reports for €150. If you want your report, as an attendee of the Foundation Training, you can get it through Dr Kwesi for £45. If you would like it before you attend the course, please email us so it can be arranged.

Your Trainer - Dr Kwesi Anan Odum

Dr Kwesi is the creator of META-Vision and a world-leading authority in META-Health for understanding the mental and emotional causes of eye conditions. He is one of the nineteen worldwide 64keys Experts, as well as being a  META-Health Master Trainer, Colour Psychology Master Trainer and a German trained medical doctor, Specialist in Ophthalmology.

Dr Kwesi has studied 64keys with the developers in Austria, and was part of the first group to use the 64keys software. He now integrates this understanding with various systems, including Astro-Medicine, Colour Psychology and Chinese Bazi Astrology , to give you a deep understanding of WoMankind and our own unique natures.

Dr Kwesi's training style is both relaxed and richly informative, and he invites and supports all participants to get the most from his courses.

It's a privilege to have Dr Kwesi introducing this material to us, and we hope you take this opportunity to share in a course that's bound to have a deep and profound effect on all those who attend, providing us with many answers to the deeper questions in life.

64keys Course Details

Foundation Course

Date: Next course TBA

Time: 9.30am - 6pm

Venue: St Johns Hotel, 651 Warwick Road, Solihull. West Midlands B91 1AT

Price: £495 per person

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