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Robert Our EFT Master Trainer and the programmes we train are externally accredited by the AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy techniques ) the largest accrediting body for EFT Practitioner Standards in the world.

Our EFT Master Trainer has over a decade of experience applying, developing and integrating EFT with approaches in Energy Psychology, NLP, (Neuro linguistic programming) Mind-body Medicine (META-Health) and many other approaches.

Robert has a very busy client practice and EFT & Energy Psychology are core in his approach to help clients identify and overcome their emotional barriers (stressors), limiting belief systems and values conflicts and achieving more of what they want in life, relationships and career.

EFT Training Testimonials

"I benefited from the course on a very personal level. I was able to release some of my stored up emotions effortlessly  and without resistance. We would all benefit from learning EFT because we all carry deep within us hidden emotions which will have a negative impact on our physical bodies"  Glenda Thomas -Nurse

"I've tried various therapies and treatments in the past and I thought I had cleared particular issues until I tried EFT.  EFT helped me to clear and re-frame deep core issues. I also learned not to be so hard on myself! The course can be life-changing!"
Lynette Fryer - Holistic Therapist

"Having lots of practical time with guidance was fantastic because we could leave confident enough to run out and try it for ourselves! I'm already doing EFT quite frequently with clients. It has helped clients to open up about painful memories where other therapies wouldn't. I now feel I have the tools to help others make leaps in the direction they want". Haylee Arnold Louise Hay Trainer, Mind Detox, Access Consciousness - Singapore


"It amazed me how immediate and dramatically effective the techniques were. One of the most incredible things for me was experiencing a traumatic memory vanish when I tapped on it with another member of the group. I was surprised by how quickly EFT facilitates emotional release!

An unexpected bonus of the weekend, was how Robert showed me the areas where I needed to work on issues that I thought I had long resolved, the power of suppressed memories can be daunting. An additional bonus, our work on cravings has stopped me drinking alcohol. As a side effect of the EFT I had been practising on myself before the course I had stopped drinking, but the cravings work that Robert demonstrated over the weekend has put the final nail in the coffin! Thank you Robert"
Rachel Davies Doctor - Edgbaston, UK

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