Did you Know?

We are the most experienced and most innovative META-Health training providers in the world, having offered a regular programme of courses since 2007. We offer META-Health Training and Certification at all levels, from introductory talks through Foundation, Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses to training Trainers and providing ongoing mentoring. and consultancy skills training

The META-Health Academy are the creators of the Health Thresholds Model, Emotional Stress Pattern Illicitation Methodology, META-Parts Integration, META-Quantum Linguistics, META-Health Consultancy, META-Vision and META-Kinetics, an of advanced system kinesiology for health consciousness all of which have been developed by our Master trainers and are unavailable anywhere else in the world.

We are unique in our integrative understanding of how to use META-Health with EFT and NLP, 64keys and the Lüscher Colour System. We also train and certify professionals in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), thus offering our trainees a unique and comprehensive package for both professional and personal development.

Alongside our talks and courses, we offer one-to-one consultations to clients. These range from introductory Awareness Consultations to weekly Intergative coaching & therapy programmes, and each programme is tailored to the individual's needs.

Your META-Health Developers and Master Trainers

Joanne Ross - Co-Founder and Director of META-Health Academy Ltd.  Jo's background was in teaching history, then after meeting Robert trained as a life Coach and came to META-Health in 2005.  Jo has worked tirelessly with Robert to develop world class syllabus for Academy students and written over 60 articles the newsletters and a number of blogs.  Click here for Joanne's detailed biography

Tremayne Reiss - Master Trainer and Co-Developer of META-Kinetics.  Tremayne's Background was in Herbal Medicine.With a deep interest in consciousness along with Robert and Joanne, Tremayne has helped broaden and deepen META-Health inquiry through an advanced application in Kinesiology called META-Kinetics.  Click here for Tremayne's detailed biogrpahy

Robert Sefton Jai Waghmare  - Founder and Managing Director of the META-Health Academy Ltd, and the orginator of The META-Health concept which includes the development of META-Kinetics, which is a quantum leap in the evolution of META-Health concept.  Robert is META-Health and EFT Master Trainer with over 10 years experience, as IMMA Board Member.  Robert holds numerous other qualifications in a variety of therapeutic and facilitation methodologies.  Robert is a leading Developer, Trainer and Consultant of META-Health and is a leading developer of Psycho-energetic methods of enquiry and therapeutic methodology. Click here for Robert's detailed Biography

Dr Kwesi Anan Odum - Dr Kwesi is the IMMA President and Master Trainer in META-Health.  Dr Kwesi's Background was Eye Medicine  "Opthalmology" before coming into META-Medicine where he like Robert has become a leading developer creating the field of META-Vision.  He qualified as Luscher Colour  Trainer and is working with Robert and Joanne creating World Class training programmes.  Click here for Dr Kwesi's detailed biography