META-Kinetics is an exciting development in META-Health and mind-body health, synthesising META-Health with Cyberkinetics, an advanced form of Kinesiology.

  • Are you seeking a deeper understanding and embodiment of META-Health?
  • Are you keen to uncover the unconscious causes of symptoms?
  • Would you like to gain answers directly from the body-field?
  • Would you benefit from identifying your clients’ hidden emotions and beliefs?
  • Are you keen to help yourself and others release stress and regain balance?

META-Kinetics gives you an integrative framework and advanced methodology for working with clients.

It is an essential step for those committed to learning META-Health and developing deeper mind-body understanding.

It takes away the guesswork of linguistic enquiry and reveals the answers directly from the body-mind. It brings your META-Health knowledge and understanding to life!

META-Kinetics gives you practical skills to work with the knowledge and understanding of META-Health, so attendance of the META-Health Foundation Course or similar training is a pre-requisite for META-Kinetics Training.

On this experiential and transformational programme, you'll:

  • Learn how to do muscle testing
  • Discover how to bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly with the body’s mind through muscle testing
  • Gain skills in Cyberkinetics, an advanced and quantum form of Kinesiology
  • Do META-Kinetics Health Scans to gain a comprehensive overview of clients’ issues
  • Learn the 3-step TLC methodology for enquiry, stress release and energetic balancing
  • Use META-Kinetics Root-Cause Enquiry to pinpoint the specific cause of clients’ issues
  • Strengthen the heart
  • Uncover and address imbalances in the Endocrine System
  • Practice working with others and benefit from opportunities for gaining personal awareness and change

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Why Join this Course?

META-Kinetics Testimonials

I love the robustness of META-Kinetics and the fact that it is so forgiving for trainees. I thought the pace of teaching and the course materials were fantastic. The training has blown my mind! What was most interesting for me was the unknown, or seemingly unknown, and suppressed information that can be elicited with such a small amount of linguistics. On a personal level, it’s been massive and life changing. I feel different already!

Sue Bennett, Therapist

Lovely trainers and fellow students, and high quality tuition and support. It’s lovely to have 3 trainers there to help us, and I was very happy to have lots of practice time. High quality information is available from this system that it’s sometimes difficult or impossible to obtain in other ways.

Karen Williams, Therapist

Wonderful – help was always on hand and there was plenty of time to see through a process. I liked the mix of theory and practice. META-Kinetics will help me to find out the most important and relevant issues to work on to facilitate the release of a theme or negative pattern. I’m excited by the amount of information that can be gleaned in the shortest time with very efficient processes.

Rachel Kent, Psychotherapist and EFT Trainer

The knowledge, passion and enthusiasm of Jo, Rob and Tremayne are infectious and so inspiring. The content is so powerful it blows my mind! It helps to cement the META-Health knowledge I have, and it’s great to interact with fellow students and have health scans done on each other. You also look after us really well!

Roni Flatley, META-Health Coach and Trainer

I was amazed that we could get so far this first time as to go home and really do the scans and believe that what we sense/get from the body can be trusted, even when I do it! It is just fantastic, so thorough, you know things so deeply, and it makes so much sense.

Gitte Retbøll, MD, Private Practice in Child Psychiatry

And one from a VERY happy student who commented on Facebook:

Meet your META-Kinetics Master Trainers


Robert Waghmare is a META-Health Senior Master Trainer and META-Kinetics Trainer. Robert's background in Information Systems Research and Consultancy and 10 years’ experience as an integrative Health Coach and Therapist provides the perfect backdrop assisting with the conceptual elements of the programme.

His understanding of cybernetics and Systems Theory is helping the emerging field of mind-body healing and he has an active role in researching and developing both META-Health and META-Kinetics with Tremayne.

Tremayne Reiss is an experienced META-Health Coach and META-Kinetics Trainer. Tremayne has a background in herbal medicine and a deep interest in consciousness evolution. This, along with his understanding and knowledge of many conventional and alternative health approaches, helps you to understand how META-Kinetics fits within the broader fields of health care.

He is a skilled Kinesiologist and mentors our META-Kinetics students to develop finely-tuned skills in muscle testing. Tremayne is actively researching and developing META-Kinetics along with Robert.

Joanne Ross is a META-Health Senior Master Trainer and META-Kinetics Trainer. Joanne's background in teaching and 10 years as a life coach, therapist and trainer ensures that our courses are well structured for all types of learners. She provides clarity and structure and offers invaluable support in breaking down the more complex aspects into bite-sized chunks. Her role as a trainer, coach and mentor helps participants to get the most of the experience.

Course Content

The META-Kinetics Practitioner course takes place in two three-day modules. Each module combines theory, discussions, demonstrations and practice – plus opportunities to uncover and release the stress behind your own issues!

The META-Kinetics Level 1 course is taught by Robert Waghmare, Tremayne Reiss and Joanne Ross, co-developers of META-Kinetics.

On Part A you’ll:

  • Learn how to do basic kinesiology (muscle testing)
  • Gain skills in using Cyberkinetics Advanced Kinesiology
  • Discover what is creating the most mind-body-social stress for a client
  • Gain a deeper understanding of META-Health and learn how META-Health is a Systems science
  • Perform a META-Kinetics Health Scan using the META-Health brain maps to gain a comprehensive picture of clients’ issues
  • Identify hidden emotions and beliefs
  • Find out how to work preventatively by identifying stressors even before they create symptoms
  • Use Stress Loading and Corrections to remove stress and balance the energy system
  • Strengthen the heart through the META-Kinetics TLC process

On Part B you’ll:

  • Fine-tune your muscle testing skills
  • Gain a higher-level understanding of META-Health theory and test it with META-Kinetics
  • Learn how to use the META-Kinetics Enquiry protocols to get to the root cause of Modality issues and clients’ presenting symptoms
  • Uncover the key data behind health issues, including: what the specific origin was, who was present at the time, where the client was and what happened
  • Pinpoint the specific tracks and triggers: identify the stimuli for chronic issues that are keeping the problem alive
  • Use META-Kinetics balancing to release the unconscious stresses around these issues
  • Gain additional approaches to deepen and streamline the TLC process
  • Uncover, explore and correct imbalances in the Endocrine System

Course Details

Join the quantum shift in META-Health by doing the META-Kinetics Practitioner Training! This course is open to those who have done the META-Health Foundation Weekend or further training in META-Health.

Courses in the UK

Part A:

  • Dates for 2017 tbc - likely to be February 2017 - email us here to register your interest

Part B:

  • Dates for 2017 tbc - likely to be early September 2017 - email us here to register your interest

Time: 9.30am – 6.30pm

Venue: The St John’s Hotel, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1AT

Booking: Advance booking is essential.

You can book your place via PayPal below, or send a cheque made payable to 'META-Health Academy Ltd', 541 Warwick Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1AW. Bookings are non-refundable but transferable to other dates and/or courses in exceptional circumstances.

Course Fees

£595 per person for each 3-day module

Book Part A and B together and save £100 (Parts A & B must be completed to qualify)

Discounts are available for groups and META-Kinetics students and Practitioners wishing to refresh their knowledge and receive further guidance.

Places are limited for each META-Kinetics course because of the amount of space required for all the massage tables that are used to practice on, so book now to secure your place.


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Courses in Denmark

Dates: Course dates to be confirmed

Time: 9.30am – 6.30pm

Venue: Mejlgade 28, 2. sal, 8000, Arhus, Denmark

Booking: Advance booking is essential. Find out more and book on the Danish website: