Rave ABC - Human Design Weekend

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This is a course which can be taken by people who have had a Foundation Reading and who have also completed the Living Your Design Weekend Workshop.

This course builds and extends the learning gained in the Living Your Design workshop and provides a more in depth explanation of the channels, circuits and the correlation with the I Ching. This course is the essential first step for those wishing to go on to HDS Professional Analyst Training.

Aim of Rave ABC

To help participants to develop the ability to interpret a chart (bodygraph) at a basic level for family and friends as well as to gain invaluable insights into the mechanics of the Human Design system. The course will also reinforce the importance of Type and Strategy to ensure effective behaviour.

Objectives of the Rave ABC Workshop

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain how the Conscious (accessible) and unconscious (surprising) aspects of any Design influence our perceptions
  • Identify the fundamental drivers at work in anyone's chart using 3 basic Circuit themes and a simple keynoting technique
  • Explain a 6-step model to look at Hexagram structure and understand the characteristics and qualities that make you truly unique
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret a Human Design chart at a basic level

Participants will need to buy The ABC Student Manual (£38)


St Johns Hotel Solihull: St. Johns Hotel, Warwick Road, Solihull West Midlands.B91 1AT