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Is Your Body Evolving? - Introductory Training Module by Joanne Ross

Deepen Your META-Health Knowledge and Put It Into Practice

  • Taught by Joanne Ross
  • Joanne is 1 of only 2 Senior META-Health Master trainers in the UK
  • Joanne is a META Health Advisory Board Member
  • Co-Creator of the entire field of META-Kinetics®
  • Understand how health symptoms are feedback for personal transformation
  • Learn how to build a bridge from existing fields into META-Health
  • Discover the multiple ways of approaching META-Health
  • Learn a simple process for going from any symptom and discovering its meaning
  • The science of how what's happening in the body is a reflection of what's happening in the mind
  • Learn The Waterfall model which shows how symptoms are at the bottom and the causes are higher up

This is a 56 minute streaming video training with downloadable slides included.

Joanne also walks you through 2 real world examples of META-Health applied to back pain and social anxiety.

META-Health Conference Recordings

The Conference Recordings will give you:

  • Instant access to 34 talks
  • 5 days' worth of learning - over 33 hours of talks and workshops
  • The most up-to-date META-Health understanding from the worldwide Master Trainers
  • Access to unique content unavailable on regular META-Health trainings
  • Talks by leading authors in mind-body health including Dr David Hamilton, Professor Tony Stewart and Sandy Newbigging
  • New tools, approaches and understanding to use in your own life and client practice
  • Ability to listen to the talks as many times as you like, from the comfort of your own home

This is the perfect option if you missed the live event, or want your friends, family members, colleagues and clients to benefit from this amazing information.

Get lifetime access and save money!