META-Health Awareness Consultations

Are you looking to release stress, let go of unwanted patterns, define and achieve your goals or gain greater well-being? Do you have a lot of questions that you need answering before booking on to one of our courses?

Then it's probably the right time for you to have a META-Health Awareness Consultation.

Our META-Health Coaching and Consultancy offers you a powerful synthesis of META-Health with Life Coaching and Therapy, integrating the latest advancements in NLP, EFT and energy psychology.

After your initial META-Health Awareness Consultation you may choose to proceed down any number of paths.

You may choose:

There's no need to consider which one of these to take now. Which of these paths is right for you will become obvious as a result of your META-Health Awareness Consultation, so just relax and enjoy the process.

How Will A META-Health Awareness Consultation Benefit Me?

You will gain an understanding of META-Health, how it can help you, and get to ask all of your heath questions.

During this conversation we will discuss either a current health issue for which you'd like to reach a META-perspective, or we can discuss your specific interest in META-Health and its applications in life and career.

If you are looking into becoming a META-Health Coach as a career then you'll be able to find out everything you want to know.

You'll get to explore the key problem in your life and gain a META-Perspective on what's really going on, why it's there, and how to resolve it.

This conversation will also involve a META exploration of a mental, emotional or physical health issue of your choice, giving you:

  • Understanding of the specific thoughts, feelings and behaviours related to your health issue
  • Awareness of specific trigger situations, relationships and memories that may be contributing to the issue
  • An action plan to help you determine the best way of resolving the issue

META-Health Awareness Consultations last 30 minutes and cost just £50.

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