META-Health Coaching and Consultancy

One on one consultations with our Lead Trainers, Robert Waghmare, Joanne Ross, Dr Kwesi Anan Odum and Tremayne Reiss.  Between them, they have nearly 40 years of combined training and developer experience.

Are you looking to understand the source of your negative emtotions and unwanted patterns in behaviour? Do you have a lot of questions that need answering before booking one of our courses?  Then it's probably the right time for you to have a META-Health Awareness Consultation.

Discover your goals and uncover your hidden barriers to achieving what you want in all areas of your life !  The META-Health Coaching Discovery Session is a unique, personally tailored service that involves an open and structured conversation regarding your thoughts and feelings (perceptions) about your deepr goals, barriers and how this relates to your current health challenges.

Are you looking to identify and release unoncsious stress or let go of unwanted thought and emotional, patterns in behaviour or health? Are you unclear about the meaning of a symptom and want greater clarity? META-Kinetics consultations work with the intelligence of your body field bypassing your conscious awareness to reveal the truth behind your barriers to health and unlocking your potential, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

META-Kinetics Consultations +
  • META-Kinetics - META-Health Scan
  • META-Kinetics - Symptom Enquiry
  • META-Kinetics - Modality Enquiry
  • META-Kinetics - Chakra Balance
  • META-Kinetics - Meridian Balance
  • META-Kinetics - Integrative Balance
  • META-Kinetics - Non Linear Enquiry
  • META-Kinetics - META-Programmes elicitation
  • META-Kinetics -

64 Keys Consultations

Discover your talents, motivations and potentials. 64keys offers a comprehensive system for understanding oneself. It is based on the Human Design System and offers a powerful and practical synthesis of tried and tested systems including the Enneagrams, the I-Ching, Astrology and the Kabbalah.

Learn the language of colour. The Lüscher Colour System enables you to interpret the meanings behind our colour preferences to identify hidden emotional blocks, barriers and desires.