META-Health Awareness Consultations

Are you looking to release stress, let go of unwanted patterns, define and achieve your goals or gain greater well-being? Do you have a lot of questions that you need answering before booking on to one of our courses?

Then it's probably the right time for you to have a META-Health Awareness Consultation.

Our META-Health Coaching and Consultancy offers you a powerful synthesis of META-Health with Life Coaching and Therapy, integrating the latest advancements in NLP, EFT and energy psychology.

After your initial META-Health Awareness Consultation you may choose to proceed down any number of paths.

You may choose:

There's no need to consider which one of these to take now. Which of these paths is right for you will become obvious as a result of your META-Health Awareness Consultation, so just relax and enjoy the process.

How Will A META-Health Awareness Consultation Benefit Me?

What do I stand to gain by having a META-Health Awareness Consultation?

You will gain an understanding of how your thoughts, feelings behaviour and physiology are all integrated and what themes and patterns lead to various symptoms

During this conversation we will discuss either a current mental, emotional or physical health issue for which you'd like to reach a META-perspective, or we can discuss your specific interest in META-Health and its applications in life and career.

You'll get to explore the key problem in your life and gain a META-Perspective on what's really going on, why it's there, and how to resolve it.

This conversation will also involve a META exploration of a mental, emotional or physical health issue of your choice, giving you:

  • Understanding the specific thoughts, feelings and behaviours driving your health issue
  • Awareness of specific trigger situations, relationships and memories that may be contributing to the issue and the META-Meaning of his i.e. why those symptoms
  • An mini-action plan to help you determine the best way of resolving the issue

META-Health Awareness Consultations last 30 minutes

The value offer varies according to certification, experience and skill level of practitioner

  • £50 = META-Health Certified Practitioner (Typically 12 months experience)
  • £75 = META-Health Certified Master Practitioner (Typically 18+ months experience)
  • £100 = META-Health Master Trainer (Typically 3 years + experience)
  • £150 = META-Health Consultant/Developer £150 (Typically 10 years + experience)

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