The META-Health Discovery Session

Discover your goals in all areas of your life and uncover your hidden health barriers!

The META-Health Coaching Discovery Session is a unique, personally tailored service that involves an open and structured conversation regarding your thoughts and feelings (perceptions) about your goals, barriers and unconsciously physically related health issues and how they are impacting your life.

In this introductory session we will explore your current goals in life, current health (mental emotional and physical) challenges and discover what internal barriers are preventing you from achieving the life, relationships, health and career that you truly desire.

This process is highly personally self-reflexive and enables you to recover the hidden and often blocking (subconscious) thoughts and feelings contributing to creating barriers to progress in your health, life, career, relationships or personal development. As a result, this session will help you to identify some of the core self-limiting beliefs and identifications, emotions, memories (traumas) and internal conflicts that are preventing you from creating the progress, success, happiness and well being that you desire and that (with a little help) are capable of creating!

After this session is completed you will be provided with a written transcript (returned by email) capturing the most important aspects surfaced in the session which will provide you with a basis for deciding how to proceed with overcoming blockages and achieving your goals. Overall this session provides a platform or framework for furthering any META-Health coaching or any further therapeutic endavours.