META-Kinetics Health Scan

A META-Health Discovery Session® is pre-requisite for this service.

META-Kinetics Health Scan is a revelation

Gain an overview of how stress is impacting your emotions, behaviour and your body, find out your number one priority (Modality) for healing, and release stress from at its source!

This session, we will take information gathered from the previous session and work with the feedback of your body fields wisdom ( work in more depth to discover the body field's priorities for healing.

We will use META-Kinetics Kinsiology of consciousness to gather information such as your biggest unconscious stressors, associated memories, traumatic events and related health issues.  We will also start the process of uncovering the core beliefs, values motivations and behaviours involved with maintaining your symptoms.

This information can then be used to form the basis of a META-Health Coaching, Therapy plan and transformation work using other therapeutic methods.

Please be aware that this session may reveal unconscious information that you were previously unaware of.  The result of this can be cathartic (emotional) and result in great insights, expanded awareness and changes in thoughts feelings and behaviour