Integrative META-Health Coaching, Consultancy and Therapy

Our META-Health Coaching and Therapy is a unique synthesis of many different sciences and disciplines including: coaching philosophy and skills, META-Health, EFT and energy psychology, NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming, META-Kinetics® Advanced Kinesiology and information from spiritual development disciplines. We will work together toward the release of specific blocked stressful thought patterns and emotions, and create and put in place successful strategies that enable you to experience greater freedom of thought, feelings and improved health.

Prior to the development of a coaching engagement you will be sent an information pack including a basic introduction to META-Health, Values questionnaire, Personal History questionnaire, and Coaching client interaction process model to assist your decision making process.

This pre-pack has been designed to help you orient and navigate your way through the initial parts of the META-Health coaching process easily and effortlessly. Once your have read through and completed and returned the relevant sections we can organise a mutually agreeable time for the META-Health Coaching sessions to begin.

Duration: META-Health Coaching programmes are usually between 3 and 12 months.

Duration and value is determined on an individual needs basis and depends on the scale, complexity and scope of current issues and therefore the amount of work required to create effective working solutions

How Will META-Health Coaching Benefit Me?

Traditionally, coaching has been used to help people improve their careers, businesses and personal lives. Yet it is equally, if not more, important to have power over your own health, and support in achieving your desired health outcomes.

The benefits of META-Health Coaching include:

  • Ensures responsibility for your health remains in your hands – you make the decisions
  • Provides accountability for making change through ongoing communication commitment, emotional, cognitive and behavioural change
  • Provides support and encouragement in carrying out your Therapy Plan
  • Provides deeper diagnosis when and where required
  • Enables you to uncover and overcome secondary gain & barriers to change (reasons for holding onto illness), which may have previously remained unconscious and hindered earlier wellness efforts
  • Gets you out of your comfort zone - the best place from which to heal and grow
  • Includes transformational therapies such as emotional release (e.g. EFT, NLP, Time Line Therapy) to overcome the conflict shocks, associated emotions, tracks & triggers
  • Encourages you to think in terms of goals & solutions rather than problems: what do you want to achieve?
  • Increases the likelihood of achieving your health and other life goals

What is the META-Health Coaching Process?

There are 7 major steps to META-Health Coaching:


META-Health Discovery Sessions

In these sessions we uncover the major and minor bio-psycho-social programmes preventing your health, happiness and success.

Exploring the root cause, triggers, associated memories, emotions and explaining the meaningful process of key illness.

While META-Medicine discovery session , META-Kinetics (Advanced Kinesiology) or CT scan, provides the initial diagnosis, ongoing diagnosis is often necessary, as it provides understanding of different aspects and the many layers of any dis-ease process (layers may include subtle energy, psychological, emotional, physiological). Click here to learn more


META-Therapy Plan

Co-creating a wellness action plan with accountability. There are 3 types of actions that may be included in your therapy plan:

  1. Some areas will be covered within coaching sessions. These are likely to be the mind & emotional aspects, which we will work on together, helping you to release negative feelings and create new strategies.
  2. Some actions may require you to visit other therapists, with different areas of expertise. These could include, for example, acupuncturists, nutritionists, personal trainers, homeopaths, medical doctors etc. We will work together to determine the therapies that may be the most suitable for you, and which you want to explore.
  3. In other cases, especially where the actions are social or environmental, you will make changes in your everyday life. Coaching will help you to uncover when, where and how to make these changes, and provide accountability. These may include, for example, dietary changes, incorporating a new practice into your daily life such as meditation or exercise, setting boundaries in relationships or altering your work or home environment. All changes will be geared towards overcoming the core issues and taking your wellness to a higher level.

Your META-Therapy plan and your results will remain your responsibility; your coach is there to provide support and accountability.


Foundational Work on Self

Understanding how we re-create reality & our values on all levels, including: intra-personal, social, environmental, spiritual.

This may include:

  • NLP Personal History questionnaire
  • NLP model of human communication
  • Spiral Dynamics values questionnaire and/or values elicitation exercise
  • Wheel of Wellness
  • Human Design mapping and other data-capturing approaches


Coaching, Therapy & Support for Making Changes

Coaching is a process for deciding on what your goals are, how to best achieve them, and provide support to ensure you get where you want to be.

Alongside the future focus of coaching, it is important to release negative ties to the past.

We use various therapeutic techniques to enable you to effectively clear out negative memories associated with conflict shocks, tracks or triggers.

The main techniques we use for releasing negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs are EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), TLT (Time Line Therapy) NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming).


Initial Behavioural Change

This step simply involves carrying out the actions agreed in:

  1. Your Therapy Plan
  2. Your Coaching Sessions


Deeper Work on Self Through Ongoing Therapy & Coaching

Working through deeper / subsidiary issues that come up during the coaching and change process.


Lasting Behavioural & Lifestyle Change

New habits and lifestyle create better health and greater motivation.

Coaching helps to support these changes.

This process begins with a META-Health Awareness Consultation.
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